Your LAST chance to win 'Silver Surfer #1' in March

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Volume 4, Number 11

Friday March 29th, 2002

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Hey, did you see Blade II yet? Let's put it this way, if you liked thefirst one, enjoy lots of gory guts and what not, like fast paced fightscenes, think Wesley Snipes is cool and like vampires, well, then youshould go see E.T.! Wait, no, that's wrong. You should see Blade II!We aren't looking at any Oscar nods for Blade II next year, but it's oneheck of a ride! Great visuals, cool fights ... did we mention thevampires? Watching Blade II is like riding a bike down a rocky hillat a 90 degree grade without a helmet on! BTW, we don't recommend youdo that. I skinned my knee last time.

At any rate, here's your final reminder in March that you have anotherchance to enter the FreeComics.com contest! The contest will runthrough April 1st, so get that mouse moving and click the link belowto enter now:http://www.freecomics.com/

FreeComics.com's March 2002 contest is sponsored by our friends atWalkin' Willie's Comics! With a huge selection of comics andgreat discounts, make Walkin' Willie's Comics is your home tobuy comics on the Web! You can learn more about them by visitingour Sponsor Information page or by visiting their Web site directlyat http://www.wwillie.com/ ... Tell them you heard about 'em fromFreeComics.com!

Check out this month's exciting prize package.

* Silver Surfer #1 (1968) - Very Strong FINE condition!

* 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time - 1st 25! (1st five are individual issues and 6 through 25 are in TPB form - nice lot)

* Crisis On Infinite Earths - Complete Set of all 12 issues - Five Issues signed by George Perez

* Hellblazer Original Sins TPB

* Hellblazer Tainted Love TPB

* Heralds (Paradise X Prelude) - Complete Set of 3 Issues

* Jenny Sparks Mini-Series - Complete Set of all 5 Issues

* Joker Last Laugh - All 6 Issues and ALL 25 Crossovers

* Ronin - Complete Set of 6 Issues

* Spy Boy - #1 through #7

* Starman - Sins Of The Father TPB

* Ultimate Spider-Man #7 through #14

* Ultimate X-Men #7 through #12

* V for Vendetta TPB

That's a lot of great stuff, but the only way you'll have a chanceof winning it all is by entering the contest:http://www.freecomics.com/

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Forward this e-mail to as many comic loving friends as you've got!Turn them onto FreeComics.com and get them involved! The morepeople who sign-up, the better for you in the long run.The more successful FreeComics.com is the better the prizes wecan offer!

To secure your chance to win all you have to do is fill outthe entry form and you're done. Remember, you can enterevery 7 days! Write a note to yourself in your date bookwhen the next time you can enter is.

Thanks for participating at FreeComics.com!


The FreeComics Staffhttp://www.freecomics.com/

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