Your First Look at the "X-Men 3" Trailer

May 26th, 2006 sees the release of the next chapter in the 20th Century Fox film franchise "X-Men." With "X-Men 3" currently filming in Vancouver, Canada, CBR's George Tramountanas traveled to the Great White North to see what the film makers have in store for eager fans. While the full set report won't be published until sometime in the coming months, Fox & actor Hugh Jackman-- in full Wolverine garb-- gave CBR News and the assembled press a first look at the trailer for the film, which is set to hit the Web this coming Monday, December 5th on Apple's Quicktime trailer Web site. Until then, to satiate your X-appetite, George called in the following description of the trailer. Take it away George.

"The trailer opens with a voice-over from Professor X and a shot of the X-Men team, which includes an image of Colossus in costume. Professor X goes on to say, 'Since the dawn of existence there have always been moments when the course of history shifted. Such a turning point is upon us now.'

"Then we see a clip of Magneto standing with a group of mutants, which looks like it could possibly be the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. You get a quick glimpse of Juggernaut in the background and someone who could potentially be Calisto. Magneto then addresses a large group of mutants assembled in front of him and says, 'They wish to cure us, but I say we are the cure.' Then back to Professor X and his voice-over, 'The conflict between the better and worse angels of our very nature, the outcome will change our world so greatly, there will be no going back. I do not know if victory is possible, I only know that great sacrifice will be required, but because the fate of many will depend on few, we must make the last stand.'

"In addition I can tell you from the trailer that the entire cast is back, except for Nightcrawler. When I say the entire cast we do see Jean Grey in the trailer. Cyclops is definitely in there. We also get a glimpse of Angel and his wings. Beast makes a couple of brief appearances in the trailer and I can say he's blue and furry and looks fantastic! In one scene following a shot of the exterior of the White House, Beast is seen sitting, wearing a suit, with what looks like a group of government officials.

"There's a good shot of Kitty Pryde in there. Storm is back and she finally has awesome hair that looks great and doesn't look like a wig. We see Wolverine in a scene where he looks like he's sliding down a wall, using his claws to slow himself. And, of course, Professor X talking to some students.

"One of the most intriguing scenes in the trailer was of a funeral in progress, attended by many members of the X-Men, but we don't know whose funeral it is.

"And that is what I have to say about the trailer. It looks fantastic and I think fans are going to be very excited."

Thanks for the late night phone call, George, and special thanks to 20th Century Fox and Hugh Jackman for giving us this special behind-the-scenes look at "X-Men 3."

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