Your First Look at Patrick Zircher's "Thunderbolts" #150 Variant

Official Press Release

Marvel is pleased to present Patrick Zircher's long-awaited return to Thunderbolts with Thunderbolts #150 Zircher Variant! Thunderbolts #150 Zircher Variant features an awe-inspiring showdown between Thor and the Juggernaut on the cover! Thunderbolts #150, by fan-favorite writer Jeff Parker and artist Kev Walker, contains a mighty battle between the Avengers and the Thunderbolts that simply cannot be missed!



Written by JEFF PARKER

Penciled by KEV WALKER

Cover by GREG LAND

Variant Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER

Rated T+ ...$4.99

FOC - 10/22/10, On-Sale - 11/17/10

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