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Volume 4, Number 12

Tuesday July 2, 2002

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Wow, what a summer it's been for comics, eh? Spider-Man was a HUGEhit at movie theatres, and the next comic based film, Men In Black II,opens Wednesday! That'll be big. AND there's another film based on a graphic novel coming out at the end of this month, Road To Perdition.If there was any doubting it, comics have arrived!

But I digress (a better comics writer than I uses that phrase, so Iprobably shouldn't. Too late.) ... this here e-mail is just afriendly reminder that you can enter our latest contest atFreeComics.com! We've got two different prizes you can win,doubling your chances. Get on over and enter today!http://www.freecomics.com/

FreeComics'com's July 2002 contest is sponsored by X-World Comics &Collectibles. At X-World, all items are discounted 5-10% off retailand pre-ordering allows you to save as much as 50%! Your items comebagged and boarded (at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU) and delivered rightto your doorstep. Plus, one price shipping at $4.99! Stop byand say "Hi!" to the good folks at X-World today by visitinghttp://www.x-worldcomics.com/yourvirtualstore/

We've got two prize packages for you this month at FreeComics.com!For the cool cat who wins the big enchilada you'll have your choiceof either winning the Fantastic Four mini-bust tripple packfeaturing way cool renderings of Invisible Woman, Storm and Mr.Fantastic OR the equally ginchy Animated Batman Maquette! You canhave either one. In addition, you'll also be able to order $100 incomics coming out September, 2002 from their on-line store! So YOUget to decide what you in. And if you don't get the first prize,our second prize winner will get $50 in credit to be used towardsSeptember shipping books from their on-line store. Pretty coolif you ask me!

So how can you win? Only by entering the contest athttp://www.freecomics.com/

Are you a retailer or do you know someone who's a retailer? Tellthem about FreeComics.com! A sponsorship at FreeComics.com will dramatically increase traffic and interest in their Web site. Havethem e-mail at sales@freecomics.com.

Forward this e-mail to as many comic loving friends as you've got!Turn them onto FreeComics.com and get them involved! The morepeople who sign-up, the better for you in the long run.The more successful FreeComics.com is the better the prizes wecan offer!

To secure your chance to win all you have to do is fill outthe entry form and you're done. Remember, you can enterevery 7 days! Write a note to yourself in your date bookseven days from when you last entered to remind yourself tocome back!

Thanks for participating at FreeComics.com!


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