Your chance to be killed on the cover of a new IDW book

Writer, artist and musician Alan Robert wants to kill you -- or at least make you the latest victim of a serial killer on the cover to his new book from IDW Publishing.

Wire Hangers kicks off its four-issue run in April and is about a homeless man who tries to stop, and subsequently gets blamed for, a series of disappearances in New York. One of the comic's first issue covers will feature a newspaper article listing the latest victims of the Suicide King Killer, and IDW is giving away a chance for one lucky(?) fan to be that victim.

You can find all the contest details on their site, but hurry -- the contest closes on Friday.

Incidentally, CBR's Shaun Manning recently spoke with Robert, who plays bass for the metal band Life of Agony and is the front man for the punk band Spoiler NYC. Robert told Manning how he used Twitter to pitch the book.

"I started using Twitter at the beginning of last year," Robert said. "It was around the same time that I was finishing up my 'Wire Hangers' proposal and pitch pages. I started following some of my band-mates at first and then started following some of my favorite comic artists and writers. Templesmith was one of those people. I saw that he had a new book coming out with writer Chris Ryall, called 'Groom Lake.' So, I started following Ryall, too. Little did I know that Ryall happened to be the Editor-In-Chief of IDW Publishing! Anyway, long story short, Ryall and I traded some music and comics and ended up hitting it off right away. A few months later he saw the animated trailer I put together for 'Wire Hangers.' He asked what my plans were for the series and pretty soon after, we had a contract in place."

Is there anything Twitter can't do? Besides let me post more than 140 characters, of course ...

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