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Youngblood #7

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Youngblood #7

Normally, I try to write all of my reviews for the week on Wednesday. That’s the day comics come out and the day that I get them, so it makes sense to make reviews as timely as possible. That said, it’s Thursday afternoon right now, and the reason for that is the boring mediocrity of “Youngblood” #7. I tried to write this review last night and stared at the cursor blinking. I tried putting on energetic music and stared at the cursor blinking. I tried putting on “The Gonzo Tapes,” recordings Hunter Thompson made while writing, thinking maybe they would inspire me and, yes, I stared at the cursor blinking. Blink, blink, blink. Eventually, I went to bed.

I’ve been sitting here for over two hours, killing time online, trying to figure out something interesting to say about “Youngblood” #7, but there isn’t much, because it’s just not an interesting comic book. From the static Rob Liefeld cover (which features a character behind Diehard that I don’t remember ever seeing) straight on through Joe Casey’s story and dialogue and Derec Donovan’s art, right up to the final page where Youngblood stands around, about to head off into action, it’s just a humdrum superhero comic.

What’s odd is that there isn’t anything in particular that makes it boring since the plot should be exciting. There are two Youngblood teams, one real and one not. The real one defected after tiring of being reality TV stars and the fake one is fighting a supervillain in an attempt to boost ratings. The villains hired by the network are plotting real havoc and there are warnings of Superman-esque alien coming to Earth to destroy it. Plus, helicopter chase! All of that sounds great, but it’s dull.

Casey’s dialogue is weird and lively as always, but doesn’t really do anything. Donovan’s art is very nice to look at, a bulky sort of cartooning as you can see in the preview of the issue. It’s a little static at times but, usually, is energetic but, strangely, rather unexciting. I’m stymied as to why this is.

The one bright spot is Scion of Spacehunter, trapped inside an episode of “Oprah” and telling Oprah all about her past just like any other guest. It’s absurdly funny to see this alien sitting in a chair and just pouring her heart out to Oprah. Although, the art doesn’t really look that much like Oprah, but I assume that’s a likeness rights issue.

“Youngblood” #7 has all the ingredients for a fun and compelling comic, but something doesn’t click. I honestly don’t know what that something is. I’ve spent far more mental effort into figuring it out than I care to admit and now all I want is for the cursor to stop blinking.