Young or old Manilow? Six questions with Jimmie Robinson

Thirty-six questions. Six answers. One random number generator. Welcome to Robot Roulette, where creators roll the virtual dice and answer our questions about their lives, careers, interests and more.

Our special guest today is Jimmie Robinson, creator of the just-released Five Weapons, as well as Bomb Queen, Amanda & Gunn, Evil & Malice and more.

Now let’s get to it ...

5. If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone, living or dead, who would you spend it with and what would you do?

Barry Manilow. He's the freakin' man! I grew up on Manilow and played the black off his vinyl records. However, you gotta be precise about *which* Manilow. Young Manilow or old Manilow? That's like asking a Michael Jackson fan if they could go back in time would they meet Black Michael or White Michael? Young Manilow could really hold a note and he could sing his hat off, but old (current) Manilow is just treading water. I'd like to hang out with Young Manilow. Just give me 48 hours and a baby grand piano. We'll cover all the good old tunes and talk about broadway hits.

12. What comic (or graphic novel, webcomic, etc.) was your "gateway drug" and made you a comic fan?

It was the indie zines that got me. One in particular was a series called When My Brother Was God. I just fell in love with it. Prior to that I read comics but I wasn't hooked. I was no stranger to comics, but I wasn't a devotee until my mid 20s. I was too busy skateboarding and being a goofball to ever fall in love with any one thing or person. BUT if I can say what comic book I recall as most memorable (at my earliest age)... I'd say the X-Men/ New Teen Titan crossover by Chris Claremont and Walt Simonson (I think Terry Austin also worked on it). That was cool and it stayed with me.

Also, Rom SpaceKnight.

17. Name one of your pet peeves. Why is it a pet peeve?

The acceptance of the word "breakfast". Seriously, people. It's a compound word and yet we all pronounce it as "breck - fess." It should be "brake - fast." Simple as that. There are no pronunciation rules what-so-ever that give permission to blend those two words in such a way.

Stop it.

19. What scarred you as a child, as in something like watching "The Shining" late night on cable when no one was home?

I hate to say it but nothing on TV scared or scarred me. I had a wonderful childhood, but I always had my eyes wide open.

I always saw the zipper on the monster suit. I always wondered why the original Star Trek TV series had consoles with buttons when they had a talking computer. Why even use a crew if the computer can do everything? I have never been scared by any horror film, TV show or book.

In fact, even today I watch some serious hardcore gore horror flicks and not flinch an inch. I'm sure something has scarred my mind as a child. Perhaps my mind has blocked it out.

I did have a dream about a giant cockroach destroying the city that has stayed with me since I was a kid.

22. What's your morning routine like?

Get up. Stretch with a weighted bar, do some free weight training and ride the exercise bike for about 20 minutes. Then I check my email while I eat "break ... fast."

Then I go outside to my backyard and scoop up dog poop. If I have time I refill the bird feeders, clean the water in the bird bath and cuss at the squirrels digging holes in my yard. Then I march back upstairs into the house, turn on the radio and start working on my comics.

I start drinking before 12 noon, so I guess that applies as a morning routine.

34. What kinds of reactions have you gotten from people when they've first learned you're a comic creator?

Fascination followed by speculation and then assumption. Often I'm asked which do I work on… comic strips or comic books? Sometimes it spins into questions about animation, and if I've worked for Pixar (since they are local to me).

Also, a lot of folks wonder if making comics is just one of the things I do -- as if that's not enough to make a living.

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