"Young Justice's" Vietti Calls Season 3 Decision "Above My Pay Grade"

Once "Young Justice" was added to Netflix's streaming roster, the show's fans and creative team have advocated for the series' return. Writer/producer Greg Weisman first floated the idea of a possible third "Young Justice" season back in February, and voice actors Khary Payton and Danica McKellar followed suit. Another fan petition calling for the return of the show was started in March.

In a recent appearance on the "Shanlian on Batman" podcast, "Young Justice" writer/producer Brandon Vietti joined in and talked about the odds of the show's return, saying that while he's all for it, it's in Warner Bros.' hands.

"If I do, it's like all above my pay grade. If there's anything going on it's like way above me," said Vietti. "It's one of those things where like Greg [Weisman] and I developed a show, but with other people's characters. You know what I mean? So, it's not ours to go pitch. I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could say 'Yeah we're in talks!' But, I'm not in any talks. It's not for me. It's not my thing to go talk about. Maybe we'll get some good news about it someday. Greg and I, Phil Bourassa, our character designer, we're all anxious to jump back in the world. We have more stories to tell, we'd love to do it and honestly we're on stand by until our bosses come and say, 'We want to make more.'"

"Young Justice" ran from 2010-2013 on Cartoon Network, lasting two seasons and 46 episodes. The show's cancellation was announced three years ago, in January 2013, leading to a fan petition to renew the show.

Both seasons of "Young Justice" are currently streaming on Netflix. You can listen to the podcast below.

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