Young Justice: Aquaman's Boyfriend, Wyynde, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Unknown Factors," Episode 21 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

After plenty of speculation from fans, the DC Universe animated series Young Justice finally confirmed the sexuality of Kaldur'ahm, who now goes by the code name Aquaman, in last week's episode. During a trip to Atlantis, Kaldur shares a tender kiss with an Atlantean guard named Wyynde.

Instead of Wyynde's Young Justice: Outsiders debut coming as a one-off cameo, this week's "Unknown Factors" brings him back as he teams with Kaldur to investigate the missing Nightwing and Black Lightning, who disappeared after breaking into the home of Gretchen Goode, better known as Granny Goodness. Before Kaldur and Wyynde leave Atlantis for their mission, Wyynde reminds Kaldur that he's military-trained and actually completed his sorcery lessons, unlike his boyfriend.

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While it's great to see Wyynde step out of Aquaman's shadow, some fans may be curious to find out more about the DC character. Although he doesn't have a high profile in the DC Universe, Wyynde is closely tied to Atlantis' rich history.

Wyynde, Khe-Wannantu Warrior

Created by Paul Kupperberg and Jan Duursema, Wyynde made his debut in 1982's The Warlord #56. Born some 45,000 years ago, Wyynde is of Native American heritage and was slated to replace his father as the ruler of their people. Not wanting to be tied down with those responsibilities, Wyynde decided to enlist as a soldier in Atlantis, long before the city sank beneath the waves, where he went on to serve under King Arion.

Wyynde returned to his people following his father's death, and finally accepted his duty as dhonu, or king. However, his time of happiness came to an end when their land was sunk by Garn Daanuth, Arion's evil brother. What followed were some turbulent years, with Wyynde losing his mind and watching his body turned into a sea monster. Luckily, Arion was able to save his longtime friend and return him to normal.

Most of his appearances come before the universe-altering Crisis on Infinite Earths, with roles in The Warlord and Arion, Lord of Atlantis.

Post-DC Rebirth

Wyynde wouldn't appear again until DC relaunched its Justice League title in its post-Rebirth era. "Drowned Earth," a crossover between Justice League and Aquaman, saw Earth flooded by a group of vengeful sea gods. During a portion of the storyline, Aquaman and Wonder Woman hunt down Poseidon for answers on how to turn the tide in their favor. Poseidon recounts meeting Arion, and a flashback sequence includes Wyynde and Lady Chian.

Although it's quite possible Wyynde and the other members of Atlantis' ancient history pop up again in the DC Universe, the chances remain slim. However, with the Justice League planning to journey to the past and future of the DCU, anything is possible.

Young Justice Animated Universe

As mentioned earlier, Wyynde and Aquaman work together to rescue Nightwing and Black Lightning from Gretchen Goode. And while Gretchen initially allows all four heroes to exit her home unharmed, it's under the condition they leave their Mother Box behind. After Aquaman declines, Gretchen commands the brainwashed Nightwing and Black Lightning to fight their friends.

It's here where we see just how capable a fighter Wyynde is. He's an expert at hand-to-hand combat, and along with his Atlantean strength, is able to hold his own in battle. Thanks to the help of the Outsiders, they are able to rescue the Mother Box, Nightwing and Black Lightning.

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Before the episode concludes, Wyynde tells Aquaman that after everything they've been through, the only appeal he sees in the surface world is that Kaldur is in it. Hopefully, that means Wyynde will stick around for the remaining episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, and also returns for the confirmed Season 4.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiere Tuesdays throughout the summer on DC Universe.

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