Young Justice: What We Hope to See When Season 3 Resumes

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Following repeated calls for Young Justice to return for a third season, DC Universe answered in the form of Young Justice: Outsiders. Thus far, in addition to Titans, not only has it gotten the streaming service off to a stellar start, it's also racking up serious numbers in terms of viewership.

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With 13 episodes down and a bumper mid-season finale, we're already chomping at the bit to see the second half of Season 3 unfold in June, so here are some things we'd love to see fleshed out.

Bring On The New Gods

So far, we've seen Darkseid ensure his pact with Vandal Savage is running as smooth as possible. As for the other New Gods, Kalibak has aided Vandal's space fleet, Desaad's busy trying to get stock for the Anti-Life Equation and Granny Goodness is with the Light trying trying to corrupt Earth's inhabitants.

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However, we'd love to see more of Darkseid's Elite, such as Steppenwolf, Kanto and Mantis. There's also room for Granny's Furies to come to the fore, which would feel totally organic as we've seen Forager's species and many other aliens already subjugated by these New Gods. Given that it's all-out war with Apokolips, it makes sense for New Genesis and the likes of High Father, Darkseid's son Orion, Mister Miracle and Big Barda to officially join the fray as well, especially as we've already seen the Forever People working with Nightwing's posse.

Enter The Titans

The comics' original Titans, such as Dick Grayson, Wally West and Aqualad, have had quite the presence, which paves the way for the show to add even more members from The New Teen Titans roster from the '80s. Beast Boy is already accounted for, and Cyborg has enlisted in Nightwing's team as a walking, talking Father Box.

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This leaves room to add Donna Troy, Starfire and Raven to bolster the ranks. Donna can easily factor into Cassie Sandsmark's arc as she struggles to cope with Tim Drake's behavior. Raven can figure into the magical conundrum with Zatanna and her dad being used as the new Dr. Fate. Starfire has room to be developed into the show's cosmic narrative, with Superman leading a team of galactic Leaguers. This could gives us fresh takes on these characters like never before, especially with a spin on "The Judas Contract" forthcoming.

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