Young Justice Vs. Young Avengers: Who Would Actually Win In A Fight?

Many people are highly familiar with the Young Justice cast thanks to the very popular TV show. Over the years, the team has come to reflect some younger versions of DC’s popular superteam, the Justice League. However, Marvel also has its own team of young superheroes known as the Young Avengers. Though the Young Avengers have a much more limited publication history, the team has still managed to accomplish a lot.

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Since the introduction of the Young Avengers, comic fans have often compared the two, debating which team would win over the other. Each team brings a lot to their respective universes, offering as many mistakes as they do light-hearted innocence. To help factor into the debate, here is our list of factors to consider in a showdown between Young Justice and Young Avengers, and who the more powerful team truly is.

11 Enemy Power Level: Young Avengers

Though the TV show depicts the Young Justice characters facing incredibly large threats, the actual comic book team hasn’t squared off against anyone too major. For the most part, the comic book Young Justice team fights new villains of their own or smaller scale villains of other heroes.

The Young Avengers, on the other hand, have squared off against the likes of Kang the Conqueror, and won. While they had an advantage in that scenario, defeating Kang the Conqueror is no easy feat. Furthermore, Kang is tied much more closely to the team of youngsters, thanks to his “history” with Iron Lad. While the Young Justice team has still taken down some powerful threats, they don’t really have any noteworthy villains of their own.

10 Raw Power: Young Justice

While the Young Avengers have taken out more powerful threats, the Young Justice team packs a much more powerful punch. Between characters like Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Impulse, the members of Young Justice are incredibly similar to a lot of their Justice League mentors.

Granted, the Young Avengers are in no shortage of heavy-hitters. Especially with characters like Marvel Boy, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Young Justice just has more characters who are more similar to the Justice League than the Young Avengers are to the normal Avengers. Therefore, since the Justice League is typically more powerful than the Avengers, it makes sense that the younger versions of the teams would be the same way.

9 Brainiacs: Young Justice

Once again, both teams have some incredibly smart members within their ranks. The Young Avengers have people like Iron Lad and Young Justice has Tim Drake. However, Tim Drake has been shown to have a vastly superior intellect. Over the years, Tim Drake has deduced Batman’s identity, contributed to the formation of Brother Eye, and designed an entire system to help the Bat-Family operate in Gotham.

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Furthermore, Teen Lantern, one of the newest recruits to the Young Justice team, is also incredibly smart. Keli Quintela is so smart, that she successfully hacked into a Green Lantern ring and altered it to suit her own demands. Her intelligence, combined with Tim’s, easily make Young Justice the smarter of the two groups.

8 Allies: Young Justice

Young Justice

Due to the origin of Young Avengers, the team is actually on the outs with the Avengers. Unlike Young Justice, Young Avengers aren’t comprised of sidekicks and proteges. While some are still featured on the team, the Young Avengers are far more independent of the Avengers influence than the Young Justice team.

As a result, the Young Justice team can almost always count on the main League to back them up when needed. Furthermore, many members of Young Justice were also Teen Titans at some point, meaning that they could easily call on other members for an assist. In the case of Young justice, being sidekicks actually proves to be a plus for the team, especially considering all the relationships they’ve built up over the years.

7 Experience: Young Justice

Young Justice also has the advantage of being a far older team. Over the years, the crew would grow to form all new bonds and expand their roster in several ways. Likewise, the individual members' experiences with their respective mentors also mean they have a head start towards their life as a solo hero.

The Young Avengers are not only a newer team but also far more inexperienced. While this has made for some interesting stories, Young Justice certainly has a much better idea of what they are doing than the Young Avengers.

6 Personality: Young Avengers

Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

Since the Young Avengers are much more independent from the main Avengers, it allows the group to have a much more independent personality as well. Many of the characters have a wide array of personality types, creating a very interesting and entertaining dynamic.

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While Young Justice certainly has a wider array of personalities, many characters tend to reflect the same tone as that of their mentor. While it is still nice to see these personalities in play, there’s no denying that the Young Avengers have a much greater sense of their own personalities.

5 Leadership: Tie

Both teams have had an incredible amount of guidance while operating. Vision served as the guide to the original Young Avengers team while Red Tornado often assigned missions to Young Justice. Both of these leaders are very similar to each other in that they are androids of superior intelligence who are also capable of emotions. In being lesser-known members of their big-league teams, they each make ideal candidates to lead the younger heroes.

In terms of the team’s field leaders, they are once again evenly matched. Young Justice is typically led by the likes of either Superboy or Robin, while Young Avengers were originally led by Iron Lad. All three made great leaders in their own ways but also made their fair share of mistakes, resulting in an even split for the teams in this regard.

4 Independence: Young Avengers

As mentioned previously, the Young Avengers experience far less interference from the main Avengers than the Young Justice team with the Justice League. While this mainly comes down to the latter's sidekick/mentor relationships, it is still an advantage for the Young Avengers.

With less interference from the Avengers, the Young Avengers are able to make their own decisions. While they certainly make far more mistakes than the Young Justice team, they are able to learn from them and adapt accordingly.

3 Equipment: Young Justice

Both teams have some pretty high tech equipment at their disposal. However, the Young justice team tends to rely on their equipment far more often. In terms of bases, the two are fairly evenly matched. Likewise, both teams utilize a bunch of advanced scientific technology to help them accomplish the task at hand. Young Justice tends to utilize far more magical items though.

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Especially with the current lineup of the team, magical items run rampant, including Wonder Girl’s lasso, Teen Lantern’s ring, and Amethyst as a general character, magic plays a far more prominent role and thus is a far greater tool. While the Young Avengers are not exempt from these types of things, they typically rely more on the science side of things.

2 Biggest Feat: Young Justice

While the show has taken many liberties from the comics, many ideas featured in the episodes are still based on actual stories from the Young Justice comics. Therefore, Many of the challenges faced by the Young Justice team are more impressive than the ones faced by the Young Avengers.

For example, though the Young Avengers managed to take down Kang the Conqueror, Young Justice has gone against the likes of Granny Goodness and won. In the comics, the team has also managed to solve the crisis of “no adults,” much like an episode from the show.

Overall, Young Justice's longer publication history has given the team the opportunity to accomplish much more. Even separate from the team, the characters continually accomplish greater feats than the individual members of the Young Avengers.

1 Winner: Young Justice

Even though Young Justice has some significant advantages over the Young Avengers, the team still emerges victorious. Young Justice mimics the original Justice League much in the same way that the Young Avengers mimic the Avengers.

Therefore, it is understandable that young Justice would prove to outmatch the Young Avengers by a slim margin. While each team definitely bring a lot to their respective universe, Young Justice paints a brighter picture for the future of the DC Universe.

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