Bendis Confirms, Tim Drake's New Identity Pushed Back to Young Justice #8

Red Robin Tim Drake

It seems Young Justice fans are going to have to wait just a bit longer before the reveal of Tim Drake's new superhero identity.

According to the original solicitation text for July 10's Young Justice #7, "Tim Drake is about to do something he has only done...lots of times before. He is about to announce his new alias...a new superhero name. A Young Justice name. And this time, it’s permanent. Like, forever." However, according to writer Brian Michael Bendis, the status quo shift was pushed to Issue #8.

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"I needed those pages in 7 for the special guest artists and dimensions we surprised you with," Bendis tweeted in response to a fan asking about Tim's new codename not appearing in Young Justice #7.

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At the beginning of the month, Bendis posted a teaser of Tim Drake's new costume on Instagram. The image, illustrated by John Timms for Young Justice #10, includes Naomi in the forefront, who's flanked by Superboy/Conner Kent, Teen Lantern, Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark, Impulse, Jinny Hex and Amethyst. At the bottom, though, we see Tim sporting a sleeker version of his classic costume, minus the iconic Robin emblem on the chest.

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Young Justice #7, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Timms, is on sale now. Issue #8 goes on sale September 4.

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