Who Is Young Justice's Mysterious New Member, Thirteen?

Thirteen in Young Justice

When Young Justice returns next year with its long-awaited third season, the team of young heroes will have a new member in its ranks: Thirteen, better known to DC Comics readers at Traci Thirteen.

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Although few details were offered about the new addition during this afternoon's Young Justice Q&A at Comic-Con International in San Diego, afterward series co-creator Brandon Vietti confirmed the character's identity to CBR.

In DC canon, Traci is the teenage daughter of Dr. Terrance Thirteen, aka Doctor Thirteen, the professional skeptic and paranormal investigator who appeared in a number of comic anthologies -- Star Spangled Comics and Ghosts, among them -- and The Phantom Stranger from the 1950s through the 1970s.

A minor fixture of the DC Universe, Dr. Thirteen (or 13, if you prefer) has been a recurring guest star over the decades, and even headlined his own feature in the 2006 revival of Tales of the Unexpected, in which he led an oddball team that included daughter Traci.

Traci Thirteen

Traci is a sorceress -- one of the "Homo Magi," in DCU parlance -- who was forbidden by her father from using her abilities because magic was the cause of her mother's death. Introduced in 2003's Superman #189, Traci and her then-troubled father lived a nomadic life, ending up at one point on the streets of Washington, D.C. She later moved to Metropolis where, as Girl 13, she tapped into the city's urban magic.

During DC's Infinite Crisis, Traci teamed with Shadowpact and other supernatural heroes to locate and reassemble the shattered pieces of the Rock of Eternity. Afterward, during "One Year Later," she lived with her father in their ancestral home Doomsbury Mansion (aka "Dorksbury Mansion").

Traci Thirteen in Teen Titans: The Judast Contract
Traci Thirteen in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

At one point Traci dated Jaime Reyes, the current Blue Beetle, and was later offered membership in the Teen Titans. She declined, but nevertheless assisted the team on a number of occasions.

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With "urban magic" abilities inherited from her mother, Traci can access the knowledge and power of cities, allowing her to view and track people's auras, fire mystical blasts, generate protective force fields, locate distant objects, and take possession of someone's body for a limited time. In the comics she also has demonstrated a psychic link to her pet Iguana Leroy, who's served as her familiar.

Young Justice won't be Traci's first animated appearance: She had a minor role in the direct-to-video Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, where she's shown working at a soup kitchen where Jaime offers to volunteer (she's the one with the "13" emblazoned on her shirt, if you hadn't guessed).

Planned as a 26-episode season, Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere sometime next year on Warner Bros.' new DC Comics-branded streaming platform.

Meg Downey contributed to this report.

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