Young Justice: 6 Major Plot Points to Remember Before Watching Outsiders

Cartoon Network's cancellation of Young Justice in 2013 was a tough pill to swallow. For two seasons, audiences grew more and more enamored of the covert ops team led by the likes of Nightwing and Aqualad as they basically acted as a mini Justice League, taking on missions the main League couldn't.

Even after it was canceled, the show's popularity never dwindled, and a new home was eventually announced on the DC Universe streaming service. Now, we're literally hours away from the debut of Young Justice: Outsiders, which will pick up where "Invasion" left off, sending both new and familiar faces on a mission to derail a massive metahuman trafficking scheme. But before we get into the new state of the universe in the wake of the dissolution of the Light/Reach coalition, we need to look back to where last season left us.

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While the expanded Young Justice squad is now operating in tandem with the League, directly out of the Watchtower, Season 3 finds Nightwing, Artemis, Superboy and the new king of Atlantis, Aqualad, clad in black and running secret missions in what appears to be a new spin on the Outsiders. While the overall team is new, their mission actually calls back to the Season 2 undercover job Aqualad and Artemis pulled off, engineered by Nightwing.

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Dick Grayson had Aqualad fake a turn into a villain, even going so far as to trick the team into thinking he killed Artemis. This allowed the Atlantean to officially ascend the ranks in the Light as the second-in-command to his father, Black Manta, granting Dick Grayson inside access to their schemes. To top it off, thanks to Zatanna's glamour charm, Artemis went from blonde archer to the black-haired assassin known as Tigress, acting as Aqualad's main muscle, so Dick Grayson could double up on his eyes and ears on the inside. It wasn't a move everyone approved of, but eventually the goal was accomplished.


In the Season 2 finale, "Endgame," Black Beetle tried to destroy the Earth with magnetic field disruptors, which aimed to cause in the entire planet crumbling from the inside out. Divided into 20 teams of two, and aided by Lex Luthor's technology, the Young Justice squad was able to disarm all devices, with the exception of one that would eventually cost them the life of an original member.

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As a disruptor in the Arctic went into its final, world-destroying stage, Barry and Bart Allen raced against it to siphon its energy out. Wally West joined the race to help, but, as he was the slowest of the Flashes, most of the energy was diverted into him and he disintegrated. With Wally dead, and Bart Allen honoring him by becoming the new Kid Flash, Artemis officially became Tigress to help cope with the past. Outsiders will show how they, and other heroes, have moved on in Wally's absence.



One of the reasons Young Justice fans clamored for a third season was because of how Season 2 ended. After hijacking Mongol's Warworld (a gigantic warship not unlike the Death Star), Vandal Savage left his villainous coalition behind and piloted the satellite across the cosmos. He even taunted the League after they were freed for war crimes on Rimbor, making a threat against any alien planet that wanted to attack Earth.

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The season's final scene, though, threw audiences for a loop as we saw Savage arriving on Apokolips, strolling past the likes of Desaad and Godfrey and engaging in a handshake with Darkseid. No words were spoken, but seeing these two allying is truly scary. From what Outsiders hints at so far, Savage is trafficking metahumans and building the galaxy's most deadly army, with Darkseid's Parademons and Furies ready to join them as the new conquerors of the cosmos.

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