Young Justice: Outsiders Just Dragged Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Evolution," Episode 7 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Fans had the opportunity to see two of DC's most iconic superheroes face off in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, whether moviegoers truly enjoyed the experience is one of the most highly-debated topics on the Internet, but the Zack Snyder-directed film delivered a live-action version of the confrontation between Batman and Superman that readers first glimpsed in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

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While the two-part Batman: The Dark Knight Rises animated movie also featured the slugfest, the fan-favorite Young Justice series on DC Universe appears ready to serve up its own take on Snyder's Caped Crusader versus the Man of Steel.

World's Finest Collides

The seeds for the epic fight were planted in the Young Justice: Outsiders episode titled "Evolution." While a majority of the episode revolved around the origin story of The Light and Vandal Savage, the other half featured Nightwing, Artemis and Superboy conducting a training session with Prince Brion, Violet and Forager. Part of their training saw Brion and Violet choose the superhero codenames Geo-Force and Halo, respectively. As day turned into night, the heroes roasted marshmallows by a campfire.

Brion shared a story of how as children his siblings Gregor and Tara would play a game where they pretended to be the Justice League Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. While Brion believed Superman could beat anyone because of his powers, Gregor argued Batman could beat Superman by outsmarting him.

"That's stupid," Superboy replied. "Why would they ever fight?"

"If they were being controlled by bad guys." Artemis countered.

Finally, Nightwing brought the debate to an end by saying, "Nah. That could never happen."

Of course, we all know the two teammates and friends coming to blows is very much a possibility. Young Justice: Outsiders seems to be poking fun at the controversial Batman v Superman by having the heroes' sidekicks, Superboy and Nightwing, dismiss the notion that a battle could even take place. However, a subplot on Young Justice: Outsiders could make this match-up a reality in the YJ universe.

Granny Goodness has been introduced as Gretchen Goode, creator of the very popular Goode VR Goggles that have found a way into almost every episode this season. Heroes and civilians alike are shown wearing the virtual reality goggles, which could be used as a mind-control device later on. Though it's not likely that Batman would be caught dead wearing them, he could somehow fall under Granny Goodness' control another way. And if Superman finds his way back to Earth after being a member of the Justice League's cosmic team, then he may have to take down the Dark Knight.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe. The mid-season finale airs Friday, Jan. 25.

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