Forget Terra, Young Justice: Outsiders Has Another Traitor in Their Midst

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "First Impression," Episode 17 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Betrayal has been a running theme of Young Justice since Season 2's "Invasion" arc, in which Aqualad seemingly turned traitor. Of course, that was merely a ruse concocted by Nightwing to infiltrate the Light, but it ratcheted up the tension on the animated series.

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However, duplicity has become a real threat in Young Justice: Outsiders, with Terra embedded in the team as a secret operative of Deathstroke, just as she was in the Teen Titans: Judas Contract storyline. While fans were focusing on this arc, however, Season 3 just revealed another traitor: Markovian scientist Helga Jace.

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Helga monitored the Markovian teens being turned into metahuman weapons, and activated the genes of Brion and Tara as well. She did that to save them, and attempted to liberate them from their wicked uncle, Baron Bedlam. Once the Young Justice team reunited Brion and Tara, Helga was alongside them as a mother figure, following the assassination of their parents.

Helga even began a relationship with Black Lightning, and is now acting as den mother to the Outsiders at Beast Boy's Hub. But while she seems genuinely interested in everyone's well-being, Helga has been behaving suspiciously. With the superheroes distracted by the League, Lex Luthor, and Beast Boy's public relations campaign, she's flown beneath the radar. However, the first red flag was raised when Helga was depicted experimenting with Halo's DNA. We know she's intrigued by the light being Halo has become, and she could be trying to determine how a Mother Box inhabited her body (that of a dead Quraci girl named Gabrielle).

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That she's operating in secret is suspicious, made more so when Helga contacts a mysterious person to say she's inside the teens' base, and making progress. Helga also notifies the person after becoming the caretaker for Beast Boy's new group. It's unlikely Deathstroke would have two moles. But some fantheorists believe, just like Helga's DC Rebirth retcon, she could be working for Kobra, which wanted to weaponize Halo and the light within inside her. That led to Jace running afoul of the Outsiders when her secrets became exposed.

Before that, she was working for the Green Lantern enemies the Manhunters, experimenting on metas. But that doesn't seem the likely route for a story that's a bit more grounded. What this confirms, however, is the team now has two leaks. And, seeing as the Outsiders are still green, with Garfield rashly sparking Brion, Static Shock, Wonder Girl and into action, Helga could capitalize on their naivety. She also knows Halo's secret -- that is, that Gabrielle helped in the assassination of Brion's parents -- she also holds a trump card.

She might even be able to manipulate the Outsiders into rebelling against their handler, Miss Martian, and destroying the League's overall vision, without the teens even knowing. After all, she's a trusted ally, and an enemy they won't ever see coming. As for her experiments, Halo is basically immortal and, as a living Mother Box, she might hold a galactic power inside her; this might be the prized catch Helga has been looking for.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiere Tuesdays throughout the summer on DC Universe.

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