Young Justice: Outsiders Trailer Actually Introduces a Teen Titan


Although it was confirmed today at Comic-Con International in San Diego that the Teen Titans don't exist in the world of Young Justice: Outsiders, we of course have seen familiar faces from that team, like Robin, Kid Flash and Beast Boy. But with the first trailer for the long-waited third season of the animated series, we can add one more name to that list: Terra.

That perhaps shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, as the upcoming revival will not only deal with global metahuman trafficking but also introduce the Outsiders, a team from DC comics that includes Katana, Metamorpho and Geo-Force, whose alter ego is Prince Brion Markov from the fictional European country of Markovia. His half-sister is Tara Markov, better known as the earth-moving former Teen Titan Terra.

Princess Tara of Markovia, from Young Justice: Outsiders

The trailer includes a news report from the royal palace in Markovburg, Markovia, where the country's king and queen are outraged about widespread abductions of children, including their daughter, Princess Tara. In a subsequent scene, Prince Brion is informed by a scientist (likely Dr. Helga Jace) that he tested positive for the metagene, indicating a potential for superhuman abilities, and that Tara likely would have as well -- which explains why she was abducted.

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Terra is best known for her role in the seminal New Teen Titans storyline "The Judas Contract," in which she joined the team, only to later betray the other members to the mercenary Deathstroke as part of an intricate plot (the two were also lovers, something that better left forgotten). Deeply psychologically disturbed, Terra became unhinged when she later believed Deathstroke had turned against her, and unleashed the full might of her geokinetic abilities. She was killed in the rampage.

Terra vs Deathstroke
From New Teen Titans #34

Terra will undoubtedly be familiar to fans of the animated Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, as she appeared on both series (voiced by Ashley Johnson), where she was depicted as far more sympathetic than her comic book counterpart. The character is of course also integral to the direct-to-video animated adaptation Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, in which she was voiced by Christina Ricci.

Obviously, there's nothing to say Princess Tara of Markovia will become an earth-manipulating superhero, homicidal or otherwise, on Young Justice: Outsiders, but considering the presence of Geo-Force, the trailer's mention of the metagene, and the season's central mystery, it's a safe bet she's more than an Easter egg for DC fans.

Young Justice: Outsiders is planned for 26 episodes, debuting on DC Universe in 2019.

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