Young Justice: Outsiders - Superman's [SPOILER] Makes His Animated Debut

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Home Fires," Episode 9 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

After casually revealing Damian Wayne in last week's batch of episodesYoung Justice: Outsiders has just introduced another future DC legacy hero. However, instead of being the son of the Dark Knight, this child is the offspring of the Man of Steel.

That's right, folks -- Jonathan Kent just made his animated debut on Young Justice: Outsiders.

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Jon's appearance took place in Episode 9, titled "Home Fires," during a superhero playdate organized at the home of The Flash (Barry Allen) and Iris West-Allen. Being part of a superhero family and all the dangers and secrets that come with the lifestyle can feel like a solitary existence. It's for this reason that Iris has decided to bring together parents and kids in the superhero community for a social gathering, including Lois Lane and an infant Jonathan Kent.

"We wouldn't miss it," Lois said after being greeted by Iris. "It's the one place I can relax with people who truly understand what our lives -- what the life -- is like." Jonathan can be seen in Lois' arms wearing his father's signature red-and-blue colors; red sweatpants and a blue hoodie with the Superman logo on the front.

Seeing the likes of the Tornado Twin toddlers (Don and Dawn Allen) and Arthur Curry and Mera's son Archer is one thing, but having Jonathan Kent introduced into Young Justice continuity is a huge moment in the DC Animated Universe. DC Rebirth saw Jon incorporated into the publisher's comic universe where he would go on to adopt the Superboy mantle. Of course, Young Justice already has a Superboy in Conner Kent, which opens the door for there to potentially be two Superboys on the fan-favorite animated series if it decides to do another time-jump in the upcoming seasons.

There was a two-year jump between Season 2 and Season 3, in which we learned Superman has spent the majority of his time in space as part of the Justice League's galactic squad. While it's not clear if Superman has been gone from Earth for the entire two-year period, Jon on Young Justice: Outsiders looks to be slightly younger than a two-year-old, which would put Lois becoming pregnant right before Superman's departure. We have to wonder if Superman is even aware of Jonathan's existence, but we find it hard to believe Clark Kent wouldn't keep in touch with his wife while on a prolonged "business trip."

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It's been a busy few weeks for the Boys of Steel. Conner Kent made his long-awaited DC Rebirth debut in Young Justice #1, where he will reunite with Robin (Tim Drake) and Impulse (Bart Allen). Also, Jonathan Kent left Earth as a young kid and returned a full-blown teenager in Superman #7. It looks like Conner on the animated Young Justice will soon get the opportunity to play big brother to Jonathan Kent.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with three new episodes debuting every Friday.

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