How Young Justice: Outsiders Sets Up a Season 4

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Nevermore," the season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Young Justice: Outsiders ended on a high note that saw the DC heroes finally earning a victory over Granny Goodness and find a well-liked new leader with Black Lightning taking over as the Leader of the Justice League. Senior members like Aquaman, Batman and Wonder Woman promised full transparency and accountability, which bodes well for the show's young heroes.

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However, evil still exists in this universe, and the Light seems keen on finding another way to harvest metahumans for its own nefarious purposes. With Darkseid set to continue his quest for cosmic domination, here are ll of the ways that Young Justice: Outsiders set up Season 4 of the fan-favorite series.

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Season 3 ended with Brion Markov (aka Geo-Force) turning his back on his teammates, his sister Tara and girlfriend Halo so he could take the Markovian throne from his brother Gregor. This came thanks to some mental goading by Ambassador Zviad, a pawn of the Light, and the new rulership makes Markovia more like the nation its been in the comic book DC Universe.

It looks like the arms race will be heating up once more as Helga Jace has rejoined Brion, and Season 4 may focus on her building him an army of super-powered soldiers to ensure the United Nations, the Justice League and the Outsiders don't encroach on his territory. Lex Luthor already uses Brion as a puppet through Zviad, not to mention that Helga's being mentored by the Ultra-Humanite, another Light member, which makes Markovia nothing more than a cog.

This will likely incite the heroes to come shut the country down, with Tara surely interested in revenge since she knows her people are being tricked. Lex also offered his Infinity Inc. soldiers to Brion, so Season 4 is poised to dive into the new king making tough choices in the wake of his coup.


It seemed like Darkseid and the Light would go to war once Granny found the key to the Anti-Life Equation. But after Halo's escape, Granny was held responsible, and a pact has once more been formed after peace talks with Vandal Savage. The Light will continue working with Darkseid to harvest metas while Granny remains in captivity, paying for trying to deceive Lex and his society.

But while this uneasy peace has been established, we know Darkseid won't stop trying to get his hands on Halo, which means he's set to bring war to Earth. It's up to the Light whether or not they stand with the overlord, but should Darkseid get the equation, most life on the planet will die. A potential alliance could happen between heroes and villains, but whatever occurs, the forces of Apokolips, from the Furies to the Parademons, will all be coming for blood.

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Earth still has allies in the Forever People, New Genesis and Orion, as well as Big Barda, who all have shown reason to take Darkseid down this season. It's worth noting Metron did warn his "grandchildren" -- Halo and Cyborg -- they'd play crucial roles in a mysterious fight to come, provided they don't die. It stands to reason this is the galactic war he mentioned, with the stakes higher than ever as both Outsiders are weapons that can kill Darkseid.


Season 3 ends with the heroes having a party at Bibbo's Diner, only for a mysterious young blonde waitress to serve everyone and rock the foundation of the show. This comes via the iconic ring on her hand, that of a Legionnaire, confirming the Legion of Super Heroes is on its way to the series. This blonde may well be Saturn Girl, leaving folks eager to see Bouncing Boy, Lightning Lad and the rest of the far-future teenage heroes

While it's still not clear how or why the Legion will show it, the team could be concerned with Superman and Superboy, who have both played big roles in the Legion's comic book history. Plus, there's also the curious case of Bart Allen, who went from Impulse to Kid Flash when Wally West died in the second season, being stuck from the future, ensuring a temporal anomaly exists in the present.

We have no other clues as to why the Legion would show up but it's a safe bet they'll be trying to protect the fabric of time and ensure that the Kryptonians help pave the way for their existence. Of course, the actions of the Light and Darkseid's army may also have brought them to the present, but the Outsiders and the League might have some time-traveling in their future if they want to saveto do to save the cosmos from certain doom.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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