Young Justice: Outsiders' Rotten Tomatoes Score is Superhuman

Ever since its debut on DC Universe, Young Justice: Outsiders has been winning fans over with its long-awaited Season 3. Now, the critics' reviews are starting to trickle in as well.

Review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes has posted the critics' score for the third season of the animated series, with the score currently sitting at an astonishing 100%. This matches Season 2's perfect score and marks an improvement on the first season's score: an impressive 89%.

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While the site does not yet have enough critics' reviews to solidify into a consensus, it puts Outsiders at a strong start on a new streaming platform, after being off the air for nearly six years. Interestingly, the audience score for the latest season is lower, currently at 92%, putting it exactly on par with Season 2 and below Season 1's 96% audience score.

With the series returning for the second half of its third season in June, it will be interesting to see if Outsiders' perfect critic will be maintained in the interim.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe with new episodes every Friday. The series will return for the second part of Season 3 in June.

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