Young Justice: Outsiders Just Teased Lex Luthor's Own Teen Army

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Unknown Factors," Episode 21 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

When Lex Luthor learned Batman was utilizing fake news to smear his legacy on Young Justice: Outsiders, it's safe to say he wasn't happy. But instead of swearing vengeance, Lex slowly warmed to the idea of co-opting super-powered teens for his own purposes.

It makes sense, given #WeAreAllOutsiders has gained so much traction, with the movement becoming more popular than the Justice League among young people. But rather than trying to appropriate Beast Boy's Outsiders, "Unknown Factors" suggests Lex is already plotting a way forward with a teen army of his own.

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In one scene, Geo-Force enters the living room of Outsiders headquarters while looking at his phone, and asks whether anyone has heard of the group called Infinity Incorporated. However, before he can receive an answer, Cyborg receives an alert, sending him and Halo by Boom Tube to help Aquaman and Wyynde in their attempt to rescue Nightwing and Black Lightning from the X-Pit. The reference to Infinity Incorporated may have gone unnoticed by some viewers, but that name holds significance to many DC diehards.

Several teams used gone by that name in comics, but the most popular is the original incarnation from the 1980s. This Infinity Inc. consisted of children and proteges of the Justice Society of America. Seeing as Wildcat and Jay Garrick have played roles on Young Justice, the show could always change things up and bring in other JSA members and their kids.

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Another possible incarnation could be the Infinity Inc. from the 2006 DC title, 52. There, Lex sold off metagene therapy and transformed ordinary people into superheroes. He could use his experiments on kidnapped metas, and other CADMUS information, to create new super-powered teens. Seeing as Bumblebee also found a way to turn humans into metas using her own genetic work, we can't rule out Lex doing the same.

In 52, Lex ran the "Everyman Project" in order to ensure the in-house superhero squad was second to none. On Young Justice, something like that could generate the positive publicity he desperately needs.

With Batman Inc. also using teens in a shadow ops team, Lex might have other missions for his kids to take them down. If his group adheres to the Metahuman Registration Act, it could be a double-win, because "rogue" heroes defeating sanctioned teens will result in scathing criticism from the public. Either way, Lex may be primed to bring the Young Injustice squad to light using Infinity Inc.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiere Tuesdays throughout the summer on DC Universe.

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