Young Justice: Outsiders Kills Off a Major DC Villain

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Home Fires," Episode 9 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

One of the advantages Young Justice gained in its move from Cartoon Network to the DC Universe subscription streaming service is the ability to go darker with its themes. While young kids can certainly watch the fan-favorite animated series, there is no denying Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the show, has taken things to a whole new level by showing red blood and dead bodies on screen.

With this in mind, it was still a shock to see what happened to a major DC villain in "Home Fires," the ninth episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. Not only did fans see the arch-enemy of a Justice Leaguer beheaded, but they also discovered who is the new leader of the League of Shadows.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

A portion of "Home Fires" centered on a superhero playdate organized by Iris West-Allen. Recognizable heroes and children like Red Arrow, Black Lightning's kids Anissa (Thunder) and Jennifer (Lightning), Mera and her son Artur, the Tornado Twins (Don and Dawn Allen) and most surprisingly, Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent were on hand to socialize, mingle and have a few hours of relaxation where they didn't have to worry about threats to their family.

However, a threat was much closer than anyone realized -- Orm the Ocean Master, the brother to the former Aquaman, King Orin, was right across the street spying on the party. He would later reveal he bugged the house and was waiting for all 18 guests to arrive before he'd attack and kill everyone inside. Ocean Master was looking for revenge for being stuck in an Atlantean prison for six years. The Light was aware of Ocean Master's plan and sent their new enforcer and the new leader of the League of Shadows, Lady Shiva, to stop him from executing what they call their "nuclear option."

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In one fell swoop, Lady Shiva sliced off Ocean Master's head, sending it flying in the air in slow motion as still images from inside the Allen household appeared on the scene. One of the final images was Lady Shiva standing over Ocean Master's headless body as a pool of blood and his trident, Neptune's Beard, laid on the ground.

For Young Justice to go from making vague references to character deaths off-screen to showing a villain be decapitated was striking to see. Older fans will appreciate the mature content that has come with the series' jump to DC Universe, finally free of the shackles that came with being on Cartoon Network. Plus, with only half the season completed, there is room for even more deaths to come, for heroes and villains alike.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with three new episodes debuting every Friday.

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