Young Justice: Outsiders Art Confirms Katana, Lightning & Metamorpho

Young Justice: Outsiders will be true to its title name and introduce the actual Outsiders to its universe. In previous seasons, the show has introduced various organizations of the DC Universe, such as the Legion of Doom, Cult of Kobra and the Reach.

The third season of the animated series will introduce several members of the team created by Batman and Black Lightning, as evidenced by some recently released key art showcasing DC Universe's upcoming series from character designer Phil Bourasa. Along with returning characters Nightwing, Superboy, Black Lightning and Tigress, newcomers Katana and Metamorpho can be spotted. There are also three other currently unconfirmed characters, though the young woman in yellow appears to be Lightning, given Jefferson Pierce is in the art directly above her, along with the fact that an upcoming Detective Comics arc will be titled "Outsiders."

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Outsiders will see the team deal with a metahuman smuggling operation that spans across the galaxy. Returning characters include Arsenal, Static, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle. The third season will be streaming on the recently announced DC Universe streaming service, along with the cartoon series focused on Harley Quinn and a live-action series for Swamp Thing.

Young Justice: Outsiders will arrive later this year.

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