Young Justice: A Hero Gets a Death Sentence - and a Possible Girlfriend

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Early Warning," Episode 18 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Halo has been one of the central figures in Young Justice: Outsiders, with the season slowly revealing details about their complicated origin story. Along the way, viewers have born witness to multiple death fake-outs, with Halo's Mother Box soul reviving them each and every time. Brushes with death aside, Halo has developed a romantic relationship with Geo-Force, with the series displaying the love birds constantly texting each other.

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They may appear to be unkillable now, but a new development opens the door for Halo to end up buried permanently. And, if that doesn't sound complicated enough, Episode 18's "Early Warning" also introduces a female love interest for Halo, opening the door for one interesting love rectangle.

Scientist Helga Jace has remained close to both Halo and Geo-Force since they escaped Markovia, thanks to the help of the Young Justice team. Helga is responsible for activating Geo-Force's metahuman abilities, and has cared for him, Halo, Forager and Terra as if they were her own children. However, she has also been keeping an important secret from them: Helga has quietly conducted experiments on Halo's DNA for an unidentified purpose.

"Early Warning" provides an explanation for Helga's activities, and it all comes back to Halo. As the new den mother for Beast Boy's public Outsiders team, Helga has taken up residence inside the team's base of operations, the Hub. Halo, Forager and Terra declined to join the Outsiders, but in order to keep them close to Geo-Force, they now live inside the Hub as well. Before Terra and Forager head off to school for the day, Helga takes Halo aside to reveal what she discovered while inspecting her DNA.

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Halo may have cheated death when killed in battle, but the use of their powers is slowly leading to permanent demise. The reason has to do with their unique combination of a dead Quraci refugee named Gabrielle, and the soul of a Mother Box from Apokolips. Halo is understandably stunned to hear this news, but Helga assures she is still researching a way to prevent that fate.

With that bombshell out of the way, Halo still has to go on to school and try to act normal. Although "Early Warning" declines to check in with Halo during school hours, we catch up with them after class. Instead of reporting back to the Hub for a training session with Artemis, Halo decides to hang out with Harper Row, who was revealed as one of her classmates in Episode 11.

The duo is shown at the ruins of Mount Justice, drinking alcohol and taking target practice at empty bottles with a pistol. When Harper offers Halo a drink, the young hero chugs straight from the bottle. They could merely be drinking their worries away, but we never get the chance to find out, as Harper goes in for a kiss. When Halo says they have a boyfriend, Harper quickly responds that so does she, and the two then share a longer kiss.

Unfortunately, things end here, as a police officer takes them in. Halo initially refuses the officer's commands, but eventually plays along. The only reason Halo doesn't spend time in jail is because Miss Martian calling in a favor. As for Harper Row, the police are looking and waiting for her drunkard father to turn up to claim her. That could possibly open the door for Miss Martian to take Harper under her wing, leading to her eventual addition to the Team next season.

Episode 14 perfectly tackled Halo's gender-fluidity, proclaiming they are neither male nor female -- they're "just me." Geo-Force has chosen to accept Halo for who they are, but that doesn't mean he is going to be cool with being cheated on. And if there is one thing Young Justice: Outsiders has taught us, it's that Geo-Force has replaced Superboy as the new hothead.

Of course, when you're dealing with teenagers, it doesn't matter if they are metahumans or highly trained fighters; they are still fueled by raging hormones. Halo just started to accept who they are, but must juggle apparent feelings for Geo-Force and Harper Row, along with being responsible for the death of Geo-Force and Terra's parents. We'll have to keep tuning in to see if she can finally catch a break.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiere Tuesdays throughout the summer on DC Universe.

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