Young Justice: Outsiders Has Its Own Game of Thrones Moment

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Nevermore," the season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Young Justice: Outsiders ended on a high-octane note, with fans watched to see when, or if, Tara Markov would betray the team. However, she threw aside "The Judas Contract" thread teased with Deathstroke. Instead, the season ended with a focus on her misguided, revenge-driven sibling, Brion (aka Geo-Force), as he turned on his teammates, and his own family, in a move you might expect to see on Game of Thrones.

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In the final two episodes, "Overwhelmed" and "Nevermore," Tara (aka Terra) struggles with the notion of stabbing her teammates in the back. The Light's big plan unfurls when Baron Bedlam -- Brion and Tara's uncle, who orchestrated their parents' death so he could take the throne of Markovia -- escapes imprisonment and launches another coup. He seizes the throne, leading King Gregor. who's older than Brion by 16 minutes, to flee to the United States for help.

Neither the Justice League nor the United Nations can intervene, so Brion insists the Outsiders will. Nightwing's shadow-ops team signs up as well, but when they stage a raid, the Markov siblings are faced with critical choices. Tara is urged by the Light to kill Beast Boy to create a political conflict, but she rebuffs them after Artemis admits they knew she's the mole. She wants Tara to choose to walk the path of righteousness, and luckily she does. However, Brion doesn't, and decides Baron Bedlam must pay for the murder of their parents. He uses his powers to kill his treacherous uncle by forcing lava down his throat.

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This cold-blooded execution is broadcast globally, and it's clear the stunned heroes have to distance themselves from Brion. Even Gregor is shocked watching the news in America, as Ambassador Zviad begins to rally Markovians to support the man they now see as their savior. Brion takes some time to soak in what's happening, and as he tries to bask in the glory, Tara and his girlfriend Halo pull away. They don't want to be affiliated with a killer, and a bitter Brion tells them they're all weak. He instructs the teams to leave, as they're trespassing on sovereign soil, confirming he is deposing Gregor as king. Markovia needs a soldier on the throne, not a diplomat.

It's bratty but unsurprising, as Brion has been petulant and bloodthirsty all season. Tara returns to America to face trial for her crimes, with Gregor taking her under his wing after she's freed, aware that because of this civil war, they'll only be safe in the United States.

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It's unclear whether King Brion is still Geo-Force months later, in the epilogue, but he could be lining up a powerful army of his own soon, as the demented Helga Jace is back working for him. Her expertise is in creating metahuman soldiers, so Brion may turn out to be one of the League's deadliest enemies; he knows their secrets. With Zviad also having some sinister connections, Brion isn't in good company. Helga is all about war, and with none of his loved ones at his side, Brion's Markovia is shaping up to be a major thorn in the side of the League and his ex-teammates in the Outsiders.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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