Young Justice: Outsiders Episode Titles Spell Out An Ominous Message

It seems the creators behind DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders are dropping Easter egg clues in the animated series' episode titles.

Though only three episodes are available on the streaming service, the fansite YoungJustice.tv has a listing of all 26 episode titles for the third season. On their own they seem innocent enough, with none of the titles surpassing three words or giving much away in terms of key story details. However, closer inspection hints at a major reference to DC mythology from renowned creator Jack Kirby.

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Prepare To Solve A Math Problem

According to YoungJustice.tv, the 26 Young Justice: Outsiders episode titles are "Princes All," "Royal We," "Eminent Threat," "Private Security," "Away Mission," "Rescue Op," "Evolution," "Triptych," "Home Fires," "Exceptional Human Beings," "Another Freak," "Nightmare Monkeys," "True Heroes," "Influence," "Leverage," "Illusion of Control," "First Impression," "Early Warning," "Elder Wisdom," "Quiet Conversations," "Unknown Factors," "Antisocial Pathologies," "Terminus," "Into the Breach," "Overwhelmed" and "Nevermore."

Now, when you take the first letter of each title you'll find that it forms the sentence, "PREPARE THE ANTI-LIFE EQUATION," a nod to the mathematical formula often pursued by the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid. The Anti-Life Equation is perhaps one of the most powerful items in the DC Universe, granting its user anything from control over all sentient beings to the master of the entire cosmos.

The Anti-Life Equation has played a part in previous DC television programs. For example, the final episode of the fan-favorite Justice League Unlimited animated series featured Darkseid and his Apokolips forces invading Earth. Right before Darkseid has the opportunity to kill Superman, Lex Luthor presents to him the Anti-Life Equation, which conveniently fits in the palm of his hand and is represented by a bright, glowing light. Luthor and Darkseid both disappear with the Equation, with some heroes believing they died while other skeptics anticipate their eventual return. The live-action Smallville also included references to the Anti-Life Equation.

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It makes sense for the mathematical formula to be introduced in Young Justice: Outsiders when you remember how the second season came to an end. Vandal Savage was shown emerging from a Boom Tube on Apokolips, where he shared a handshake with Darkseid. Since Young Justice would ultimately be canceled, fans were left wondering how the villainous partnership would play out on the small screen.

If these titles are to be believed, then not only will Darkseid make a return to Young Justice: Outsiders, but he may also kick off a search for the Anti-Life Equation.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with three new episodes debuting every Friday.

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