Doom Patrol Go! Makes a Surprise DC Universe Debut

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Nightmare Monkeys," Episode 12 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

One of the returning characters to Young Justice: Outsiders who hasn't gotten a lot of screen time is Beast Boy. This is due to his leaving the superhero life behind to start a career as an actor, following in his deceased mother's footsteps. However, "Nightmare Monkeys" does put the spotlight on Garfield Logan after he finds himself in a virtual reality trap.

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Almost every episode of Young Justice: Outsiders has shown someone wearing a pair of Goode VR Goggles. Created by Gretchen Goode, the goggles allow a person to escape into a virtual reality setup where they can take part in any experience the mind can make up. What the buying population isn't aware of, however, is Gretchen Goode is really Granny Goodness of Apokolips. She's aligned with The Light and the goggles are secretly testing its users for the metagene, and if they test positive they become brainwashed.

Beast Boy became a victim of the Goode VR Goggles, with his mind conjuring up images of deceased friends and teammates like Wally West, Tula, Blue Beetle and Jason Todd. Once that scenario passed the goggles had another surprise in store for Beast Boy, and it revolved around the animated introduction of another DC superhero team, the Doom Patrol -- with a slight twist. Instead of being rendered in the mode of the other Young Justice superheroes, the Doom Patrol inside Beast Boy's mind take the shape of the fan-favorite animated series, Teen Titans Go!

Doom Patrol Go! stars Dr. Niles Caulder, Elastigirl, Robotman and Negative Man. What makes the scene even more hilarious is each character has the voice of a Teen Titan Go! character, making viewers believe they could have guest-starred in an episode of the Cartoon Network series.

With Young Justice: Outsiders going on break until June, a Doom Patrol live-action series is set to take its place starting February 15 on DC Universe. Joining the cast will be Cyborg, who also debuted on Young Justice: Outsiders.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe. The series will return for the second part of Season 3 in June.

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