Young Justice: Outsiders Reveals the Next Generation of DC Heroes

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Home Fires," Episode 9 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

One of the most popular aspects of the DC Universe is its sense of legacy between the different generations of superheroes. Young Justice has displayed this perfectly throughout its three seasons, beginning with sidekicks Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Aqualad forming the Team in Season 1.

Season 2 saw Dick graduate to Nightwing status with the Robin mantle passed down to Jason Todd and then Tim Drake. Wally's "death" in the Season 2 finale caused Impulse to become the new Kid Flash, and Season 3 revealed Aqualad as the new Aquaman.

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These are only a few examples of Young Justice superheroes passing on their legacies over the years, following the inspiration of the comics. With Young Justice: Outsiders fully underway, a new episode titled "Home Fires" takes this to a whole new level by introducing the next generation of DC heroes we can expect to see on the fan-favorite animated series.

 Young Justice Version 4.0

"Home Fires" featured Iris West-Allen organizing a playdate at her house for many of the superhero parents and children in the DC Universe. The Allen household has grown since the last time we saw it, with the additions of The Flash's twin children, Don and Dawn Allen. The kids quickly display their inherited super-speed powers by racing to the front door after the doorbell is rung. Once they grow up Don and Dawn will become the Tornado Twins, with Don fathering Bart Allen, aka Impulse.

The next guests to arrive are Mera and her son Artur. Mera is married to King Orin of Atlantis, the former Aquaman. He passed the Aquaman codename to Kaldur when he decided to focus his efforts on leading the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. If we look to the comics for a clue as to where Artur's story could go in future seasons, it unfortunately looks grim since he is ultimately murdered by Black Manta.

Fans have already seen Red Arrow, now going by the civilian identity Will Harper, and his young daughter Lian. Her mother is Cheshire, formerly of the League of Shadows and Artemis' sister. As with Artur, Lian meets an untimely death in the Justice League: Cry for Justice miniseries that served as inspiration for the loss of the original Roy Harper's arm on Young Justice.

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