Young Justice: Outsiders Recruits a Classic DC Hero (Finally!)

Another big-name DC hero will be showing up in Young Justice: Outsiders, as the popular animated series will finally show the long-overdue debut of none other than Victor Stone, aka the Bionic Titan himself, Cyborg.

As revealed by IGN, the character -- voiced by Big City Greens star Zeno Robinson -- will make his debut in the eleventh episode of the season, "Another Freak," and have his origin story told. Also included are an exclusive character design and a clip showing Victor's strained relationship with his father.

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As the clip starts, an enraged Victor argues with his father, Silas -- portrayed by veteran Cyborg voice actor and series star Khary Payton -- about him missing Victor's football game, as well as what happened afterward. Silas merely gives an apology, while saying Victor won't need football to get into college if he gets his grades up, despite Victor having a 4.0 GPA.

As the clip continues, Silas acts more dismissive towards his son, while Victor continues to yell at him before ultimately giving up and leaving his father's lab.

From what the clip implies, it may seem that the series will stick closer to Cyborg's origin from the New 52 as opposed to the original Marv Wolfman and George Perez one, as shown by the mention of Silas missing Victor's football game. Curiously, though, Victor Stone was name dropped in last week's episodes, so it would seem the clip may be setup for his becoming the half-machine hero.

Cyborg's debut episode will be among Friday's batch of new episodes for the season, which will serve as the midseason finale, with the rest of the season returning in June.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with three new episodes debuting every Friday.

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