Young Justice: Who's Who (and Who's New) in Outsiders

It's only a few more days until DC Universe's long anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders releases on Friday, January 4. The new season will bring with it a ton of DC characters, both new and old, but here are the key players and rising stars you'll want to be sure to keep track of throughout the season.

The Veterans


Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney

One of the original members of the Team, Dick Grayson graduated from Robin to Nightwing in the years between the first two seasons. As the new leader following Aqualad's leave, Dick led an expanded team through the Reach invasion and the Light's grander machinations. At the end of Season 2, Dick took a leave of absence due to the guilt he felt over the death of his best friend, Wally West, though in the two years since, he's apparently been leading a small black ops team to uncover a metahuman trafficking ring.


Voice Actor: Stephanie Lemelin

Artemis Crock didn't have the best of starts when she first joined the team; the crew initially believed her to be a forced-upon-them replacement for fellow archer Red Arrow, and she spent much of her initial weeks trying to prevent her new friends from discovering her family included assassins Sportsmaster and Cheshire. Artemis and Wally eventually became a couple and retired from the hero game, though she later got back in to become a double agent, seemingly working for the Light as Tigress while maintaining her Young Justice loyalties. After Wally's death, she returned to hero work once again as Tigress, and is now a part of Nightwing's black ops team.

Black Lightning

Voice Actor: Khary Payton

Jefferson Pierce showed up infrequently during the first two seasons of Young Justice, typically as a background player whenever the Justice League showed up. Notably, though, during the Reach invasion, he offered to train a young Virgil Hawkins shortly before the teen took on his superhero moniker of Static. Despite his standing in the League, he's also joined with Nightwing's team after a battle with what he thought was an alien monster turned out to be a human who had been forcibly experimented on.


Voice Actor: Khary Payton

Kaldur'ahm has had one of the more eventful lives of any of the Team's founding members. Having started out as Aqualad, the Atlantean used the death of Aquagirl as a chance to defect to the side of his father Black Manta as part of a deep cover operation. Following a lobotomy by an in-the-dark Ms. Martian and his subsequent mental repair, he helped bring down his father, the Light, and the Reach invasion. In the two years since, Kaldur has since become the new Aquaman, and with it the new leader of the Justice League.

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The Outsiders


Voice Actor: Troy Baker

Making his debut to the show's universe with Outsiders, Geo-Force is Brion, the prince of Markovia. In the comics, he's also the half-brother of the Teen Titan Terra. Like his sister, he has the ability to manipulate earth and rocks, though he can also control gravity, shoot lava, and possesses superhuman strength. In the show, he willingly experiments on himself to unlock his metagene and the superpowers that come with it to save his country.


Voice Actor: Zehra Fazal

Halo is one of the victims of the new metahuman trafficking ring who is later saved by Nightwing and Artemis and eventually becomes part of the Outsiders team. She has the ability to create different auras with functions that are dependent on their color. Red creates heat beams, green generates a stasis beam, and so on.


Voice Actor: Jason Spisak

Unlike the other Outsiders, Forager hails from New Genesis and is part of a society of humanoid bugs. The show has dealt with Jack Kirby's Fourth World before, but the inclusion of Forager into the larger world of the Justice League indicates that Kirby's characters offbeat will be a larger focus throughout the season. Like all New Gods, he has superhuman strength and reflexes, but he also has the ability to curl up into a ball, similar to Superboy's Sphere.

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