Young Justice: A New 52 Bat-Character Makes Their Animated Debut

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Another Freak," Episode 11 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

The third season of Young Justice has introduced many new characters from the DC Universe, including Outsiders members Geo-Force, Halo, Dr. Helga Jace and Forager. Eagle-eyed fans even got cameos from Batman's son, Damian Wayne, and the formerly-deceased Robin, Jason Todd.

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However, the batch of four episodes released on Friday, which serve as the mid-season finale, allowed another Bat-character from the New 52 to make their animated debut as a part of Young Justice continuity.

School Is Now In Session

"Another Freak" features Halo and Forager starting their first day of school at Happy Harber High. In order to blend in with the other students, Forager is given a glammer charm, similar to the one Artemis wore as Tigress in Season 2. Halo uses the civilian identity of Violet Harper and Forager goes with Fred Bugg "with two G's," as he so affectionately repeated over and over again.

After they are introduced to the class, another student walks in late. She has short blue hair and the teacher refers to her as Ms. Row. The girl takes a seat next to Forager and Halo, and after exchanging names, we learn she is Harper Row. Readers of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo's run on Batman will recognize her as the vigilante Bluebird.

The trio goes on to eat lunch together outside, where they quickly bond over being dubbed "freaks." When you factor in Halo and Forager are the new kids in school, added with their quirky personalities, you get the perfect candidates to be picked on. When Forager starts to feel down, Harper knows just how to cheer him back up.

"Of course you're freaks," she calls out from the football bleachers. "But that's a good thing. All those jerks in the cafeteria are cliquey high school clichés and not worth the effort. You guys, on the other hand, you're cool. Freaky, but cool."

Debuting in 2012's Batman #2, Harper Row is a young gifted engineer from the Narrows section of Gotham. She lives with her brother Cullen after they were emancipated from their father. Harper would help Batman during his patrols of Gotham City. She would first adopt the Bluebird identity during the year-long Batman Eternal weekly series.

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Harper makes the fifth Batman Family member to make an appearance on Young Justice: Outsiders, joining Damian, Jason Todd, Spoiler and Orphan. Fans can hopefully expect to see more of the heroes if the fan-favorite animated series is picked up for additional seasons.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe. The series will return for the second part of Season 3 in June.

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