Young Justice Finally Reveals the Dark Truth Behind The Light

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Evolution," Episode 7 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Since debuting in 2010, Young Justice has shaped a secret society known as the Light as the series' main antagonistic force. The group draws influence from several sinister cabals seen throughout decades of DC Comics, including the far more famous Legion of Doom, and has positioned itself as an unstoppable force over the series' two-plus seasons.

That said, we've never really gotten insight into their backstory -- until now. Young Justice: Outsiders finally reveals the history and motivations of this secret organization, as well as the harsh truth of what it plans to do.

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In "Evolution," we learn just how much this series rewrites the background of the DC Universe via the story of the immortal Vandal Savage. It goes right back to his past, fighting off cavemen in the prehistoric days, and getting his powers from a mysterious meteorite that crashed to Earth. Turned into a superhuman, Vandal decides. as the centuries pass, that he needs a foundation, but more so a family, to carry out his philosophy of world domination. This is the ignition point for the Light.

The battle which first inspired this thought was an invasion from Darkseid in the 13th century, where Vandal was known as the famous Mongol warlord, Genghis Khan. After eventually falling to Apokolips' forces, Darkseid paid tribute to Genghis, impressed by how his resilient armies, despite being outnumbered and overpowered, gave the New God's soldiers such a fight. Darkseid recognized a warrior unlike anyone he'd met in his galactic conquests, during a war that felt ripped straight from Zack Snyder's Atlantis/Themyscira alliance in Justice League.

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With a mutual respect established, Darkseid struck a deal with Vandal to conquer the galaxy together, as the New God believed Savage could unearth more warriors like himself. This is why we saw them shaking hands at the end of Season 2, and why they're now in even deeper cahoots as Vandal supplies metahumans to strengthen Darkseid's forces. But in order to fulfill his destiny, Vandal needed help, and thus the Light was formed.

Centuries later, with his son Nabu, harnessing magical powers of his own via the mask that would become the one Doctor Fate wears as a Lord of Order, and his daughter Ishtar fighting alongside him as the leaders of the Babylonian Empire, Vandal would thwart another alien invasion, this time from Starro's ancestors. However, Nabu would end up a casualty, leading to Vandal and Ishtar finally formalizing the Light as an official organization rather than a family affair. Vandal used this new legion to defend the planet and protect his assets, knowing full well he would have an endless number metahumans to enslave as mankind evolved, giving him stock for his meta-trafficking plan.

All this comes to light via his youngest daughter, Cassandra, as she reads her father's history. Vandal's intention is made all the more clear as he gets help from Darkseid to stop another alien armada from invading Earth in the present-day. They're controlled by Starro, but Vandal goes on to slay them all, as Cassandra wields Mongol's Warworld as a weapon go mass destruction. With Darkseid sending his son Kalibak and a hit-squad to help, the bigger picture is finally revealed. The purpose of the Light isn't to help Darkseid enslave the galaxy -- it's goal to clear the field so that Vandal can use Earth and battle the Lord of Apokolips in a winner-take-all for the universe. That's why Vandal prefers to operate in the shadows and not involve superheroes as part of his defense team.

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Having tasted intergalactic power, Vandal wants to best Darkseid to determine who deserves to rule the entire universe. This motive also explains why he's been hesitant to kill the Justice League, as he knows he'll need them in the final fight against Apokolips. As for the rest of the Light's current leadership, we're not sure how much they know about this big showdown -- a question which will more than likely throw a serious wrench into the immortal's plans. After all, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and the rest aren't the type of people to roll over and become slaves for anyone -- even Vandal Savage.

Young Justice: Outsiders is now available to stream on DC Universe, with new episodes debuting every Friday.

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