Comic Legends: Why Was That Young Justice Villain Cat-Themed?

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Young Justice's initial villain had to have her name change from a cat-themed villain



In the first issue of Young Justice (by Peter David, Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker), there is an archaeologist named Nina Dowd. She comes across a unique relic and something crazy happens...

The not even technically newly formed Young Justice shows up, and discover that Nina Dowd had been transformed into...The Mighty Endowed!!

Here's the thing - why does the Mighty Endowed have cat ears and other cat-themed design points?

Reader Andreas found out and he let me know...it's pretty darn bizarre.

Todd Nauck told my pal Glen Cadigan in the Titans CoThanmpanion:

Mighty Endowed wasn't her original name. She was originally called "Sex Kitten" - that's why she had a cat theme to her costume. We'd done up the first issue, and I guess it didn't meet approval, or the higher-ups said we shouldn't have a character named Sex Kitten in the book for fear of maybe younge readers reading the book, so they changed her name to Mighty Endowed. Often people ask me, "Why did you go with a cat theme for the Mighty Endowed character?" and I just let them know that her real last name was Saxcontain, which led her to be the Sex Kitten as opposed to what she ended up being, Nina Dowd, becoming the Mighty Endowed. So yeah, Peter David loved to his play-on-words villain.

So there ya go!

Thanks for the head's up, Andreas, and thanks for the info, Glen and Todd!

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