15 Hilariously Dank Young Justice Memes

DC may have some trouble translating their characters for the big screen, but their animated television programs are all excellent. One of the best animated shows in recent years was the Cartoon Network's Young Justice. A look at some of DC's finest younger heroes as they turn into young adults and take on some of the biggest threats in the DCU, Young Justice is one of the most action-packed and emotionally satisfying superhero dramas to hit TV screens in recent memory.

Despite the fact that the show is great, there is still a lot to laugh (or cry) about. Some of the characters were presented in odd, even comedic ways, and it took a while for some fans to get used to this show so soon after the similarly themed Teen Titans ended. Unfortunately, the show met an early end and all of the series' loyal fans had to satisfy their needs binging on reruns. Thanks to the dedicated love of the fan-base and everyone watching the show and creating memes about it, Netflix announced they will be bringing back the creative team to finally produce a third season. Turn off your TV and come check out these 15 hilarious Young Justice memes!


Sometimes real life feels like a vicious, parallel universe where everything is designed to be hard and depressing. Cute animals are left out in the cold, bad things happen to good people and sometimes great TV shows are pulled from development too soon. Even though numerous plot threads were hanging loose, Cartoon Network had no problem pulling the plug and letting fans wonder what would happen to DC's finest heroes.

The Flash may be able to go back in time and change the timeline, ultimately altering the future, but we're not so lucky. Fortunately, after Young Justice's first two seasons did well on Netflix, it was revealed that the series would be revived for the streaming service. It seems we may be living in the proper timeline after all.


While Barry Allen isn't directly a father in the comics or Young Justice, sometimes he's presented as a bit of a dad. Not only is a kind of a cheesy guy who likes wearing bow ties, but his sense of humor is overwhelmingly safe. He may be able to think at the speed of light, but that doesn't stop the fastest man in the world from recycling the same joke.

He may not say them on-screen many times during the show, but the Flash has a few catchphrases. My personal favorite is the tagline Flash Facts, but he loves saying "back in a flash" whenever he has somewhere else he needs to be. Unfortunately, it seems Impulse didn't even like the joke and that was the first time he had to hear it.



By the time Captain America: Civil War came out, there were a lot of issues bubbling beneath the surface of Captain America and Iron Man's relationship. Anything could have set them off on a final skirmish, and it just happened to be the fact that The Winter Soldier had something to do with the death of Tony Stark's parents. While that certainly made for a compelling story and does present Captain America with a difficult decision over which friend to support, the movie would have been much better if it just focused on the two heroes arguing about superhero cartoons like normal friends do.

Since both shows focus on young heroes, Teen Titans and Young Justice obviously get compared quite a lot. Instead of loving both shows, some fans divide off and argue about which shows is the better of the two.


A vampire story with a modern, young adult twist, Twilight explores what happens after a teen girl falls in love with an immortal blood-sucker. While the series had four books and five movies, many critics panned the relationship between the two central characters. Bella and Edward were both dry, boring characters and it became hard to root for them as the series progressed.

While Young Justice features many romantic relationships, one of the most interesting pairings is between Aqualad and his villainous father, Black Manta. Throughout the course of the series, Aqualad is forced to fight his father numerous times and then even becomes a key member of the Legion of Doom just to spy on the villains for the rest of the superhero community. Hopefully, their relationship will be explored further in season three when the show finally returns to Netflix.



Teen Titans Go! and Young Justice are two entirely different kinds of shows. Not only are the animation styles radically different, but the way each series tells stories and examines the central characters have few things in common. Some people prefer one show over the other, but they both have their strengths. Young Justice focuses on long-form stories and action while Teen Titans Gotells bite-sized, humorous stories that don't have much continuity connecting one episode to the next.

Some people think Teen Titans Go! is uncool, but they are just more child friendly. Robin may be unhappy with his transformation, but he is still an incredibly competent, confident crime fighter in both series who has no problem kicking butt first and taking names later.


While Young Justice is usually an action-oriented show, it also packs one hell of an emotional punch. Instead of forcing audiences to watch constant battle scenes, the series is full of relationships that allow fans to peer inside of all of the key characters.

Kid Flash may seem like a goofball character from the outside, he is given one of the most satisfying arcs in the series. More than just a silly hero, Wally West is a dedicated lover who would go to the ends of the Earth to defend Artemis. The two heroes were supposed to spend their lives together, but Wally ended up sacrificing himself and left his lover stranded. It certainly made for good television, but it left fans weeping in their beds until the next episode.



Being a teenager is hard. Not only are their hormones in flux, they are constantly forced to deal with uncontrollable drama and homework to stay ahead in their personal lives as well as their superhero careers. In the midst of all the stress, sometimes these teenage heroes can find some small sliver of happiness and enjoy their lives in-between missions.

Unfortunately, even the happiest of heroes have bad moments. Even when Aqualad is riding high and enjoying his day, something can come along and completely ruin his mood. Despite the fact that Aqualad always shows up with a positive attitude and ready to perform, sometimes things happen that just completely kill your vibe even on those days where you're actually excited to be going into work.


It may be weird to admit, but Dick Grayson is one hell of a character. Not only is a he a skilled fighter and a master detective, the first Robin and current Nightwing is a natural, charismatic leader who brings out the best in everyone around him. While his former mentor Batman may be a dark and brooding character, Dick is a bit more optimistic and always willing to crack jokes to lighten the mood.

It's not a crush, but we love Dick Grayson. He makes the heroes around him happy to serve and has no problem putting his mortal body on the line to do the right thing. Starfire is one lucky lady, because any girl who ends up with Nightwing is lucky to be with such a thoughtful, awesome partner.



Near the end of Man of Steel, it's clear to Superman that he's in somewhat over his head. The fight with Zod has left him emotionally drained and it's clear he's unsure of the best way to take down his new rival. Unable to control his emotions, Superman has no problem letting out a frustrated cry that helps humanize the character during an incredibly tense confrontation.

His impassioned cry is the exact noise fans across the world made when they first heard Young Justice was cancelled. While the series may be returning soon, there's no way to quell all the anger and depressed feelings some fans have been feeling since the show was first cancelled. Hopefully, the new season delivers on fans expectations, otherwise they will quickly be reacting like this all over again.


When the Teen Titans need some muscle, they all look at Superboy. If the team needs a master tactician so they can consider every angle before attacking a super villain base, Robin is the natural choice to formulate a plan. But, when the team needs a plan that is a bit irrational or loopy, everyone turns to Wally West to fill them in.

Despite the fact that Wally is actually a bright kid and a dedicated friend, his fellow Young Justice members think he is a kind of goofy guy. It's not that his fellow sidekicks think Wally is dumb, they just all think it's easier for him to formulate dumb plans than the rest of them. A true hero, whenever Wally is put on the spot or the team is in a jam, Kid Flash pulls through for the team and has saved his teammates on numerous occasions.



Losing a friend or a family member is hard. The grieving process is a complex beast and there's no proper way of healing. No matter how deep the loss is, the only thing that will help is time.

After Young Justice was formally cancelled, many fans went through a similar mourning process over their favorite superhero show. In their opinion, Cartoon Network pulled one of their best shows while allowing series of lesser quality survive on their channel for years. It may sound dramatic, but losing one's favorite series can feel like a major blow and it's easy to think that Cartoon Network ruined a few hardcore fan's lives when they cut this chord. Fortunately, Netflix is swooping in like a guardian angel and giving these fans a reason to live again.


The way Dick Grayson is presented in the media has evolved over the years. Whether he's fighting as Robin, like the Burt Ward picture seen above, or defending the world as Nightwing, like he does in the second season of Young Justice, he is a brave character who tries his best to help people.

His motives may be pure no matter what series or movie he appears in, but it's undeniable that he is much cooler in Young Justice than the classic 1960 Batman series. In recent years, the character's desirability has become more prominent, and the cartoon versions of the character are able to lean heavier into the character's alluring qualities. Plus, considering how much more butt he kicks in Young Justice, it's easy to assume that we would all rather be the cartoon version than Burt Ward.



Superboy is an excellent fighter. No matter the threat or villain, he is a safe-bet to throw head first at the problem. In addition to his super strength and laser vision, he has super speed and invulnerability that give him a defensive advantage on the battlefield. Physical attributes aside, Superboy is somewhat lacking.

A clone of Lex Luthor and Superman, Superboy has a very dry personality as he tries to learn the world around him. Social relationships are hard for him at first, and it's only over time that he is able to open up and let people close to him. He may look like a teenager, but he's actually only a few years old. Considering that, the fact that he can read and write is actually pretty impressive.


Despite the fact the show gave fans two complex, action-packed seasons, Young Justice was prematurely cancelled. Interesting plots and intimate relationships make it a show worth watching, but the network decided it wasn't worth keeping around. Greg Weisman, who was also a writer on other DC projects like Justice League Unlimited and The Batman, has somewhat of a reputation for working on projects that end up being cancelled.

Not only did he serve as a supervising producer on Spectacular Spider-Man, a fan favorite series that was prematurely cut short when Disney and Sony struck a deal to include the character in their cinematic universe, Weisman created the short lived Disney series Gargoyles. Fortunately, he will return when Young Justice comes back for a third season, but he has said the new episodes won't answer every lingering question.



After Young Justice was cancelled, the first bit of positive news DC fans had was hearing that a new Teen Titans show was hitting Cartoon Network. Instead of a continuation of the classic TT show that ended years earlier, Teen Titans Go! is a new, comedic adaptation that focuses on anime-esque versions of the characters as they go on meta adventures. The two series are incredibly different, and fans who prefer serious, action oriented stories were not happy about the change.

Not even Lagoon Boy, one of Young Justice's silliest characters, could have seen a swap like that coming. The amphibious sidekick made his silver screen debut in Young Justice and the character's popularity hinges on the show coming back and pulling in new fans.


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