Young Justice: The 5 Strongest Members (& 5 That Are Useless)

When one thinks of strength, there are not a lot of people who bring up the Teen Titans as some of the strongest in the DC Universe. When it comes to Young Justice, the two teams were very similar, but the strength level of that latter team jumped massive levels.

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There are two different versions of Young Justice. The comics saw Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash starting the team. However, on the animated series, the sidekicks all chose to start their own team when their mentors (Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, etc.) wouldn't trust them with the big adventures, making this team another Teen Titans. Here is a look at the strongest members from Young Justice, regardless of format.

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Superboy in Young Justice Outsiders
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10 Superboy - Strong

Superboy in Young Justice Outsiders

Superboy is Conner Kent, a clone of Superman. Unlike the other members of Young Justice, many of which were mostly sidekicks to Justice League, Superboy was not. In DC Comics, Superboy showed up after Superman died. In the cartoon, he was found and freed by Young Justice.

Like Superman, Connor has super strength thanks to the Kryptonian physiology allowing him to absorb energy from the sun to gain strength. He is not as powerful as Superman by any means, but he has bench pressed tons and can lift a semi-truck.

9 Robin - Weak


In Young Justice, Robin is two different people. In the comic books, it was Tim Drake, a young teenager who was the third Robin. In the cartoon, it was Dick Greyson but as a teenager as well before he turned into Nightwing.

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Either way, he is not someone with super strength, and they are fighters who win using the technical skills that Batman taught them over the years. Yes, Robin is a leader and someone that everyone looks to for advice, but he is not stronger than any other fit person his age.

8 Wonder Girl - Strong

While Superboy is one of the strongest members of Young Justice, there is a member that is close to his strength. This Wonder Girl is not Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl, but is Cassandra Sandsmark. She is the daughter of Lennox, which means that Zeus is her grandfather, and Wonder Woman is her aunt.

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What is notable is that when Zeus left Earth, Cassie lost her powers but gained them back when Ares made a deal with her without the limitations Zeus set for her. Her strength is incredible. She can bend metal balls and slam through walls. There are no limits set yet, but she did overpower Despero.

7 Lagoon Boy - Weak

The 5 Most Important Members of Young Justice (& The 5 Most Useless)

When it comes to members of Young Justice, the one that most fans hated over any other was Lagoon Boy. He was brought in, honestly, for one reason. He was there to be a love interest for Miss Martian when she started to have relationship problems with Superboy.

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Her is from Atlantis, which makes him strong. He is also dead now, fallen in the Sanctuary attack, butchered. He has superhuman strength, but as one of two Atlantean heroes on Young Justice, he falls far below Aqualad.

6 Aqualad - Strong

The 5 Most Important Members of Young Justice (& The 5 Most Useless)

This Aqualad is not Garth, but the Young Justice leader from the cartoon. Jackson Hyde was a human who became Aqualad in the comics after gaining Atlantean powers. On the cartoon, Aqualad is Kaldur'ahm, a former Atlantean who learned under Aquaman.

On the cartoon, Aqualad has mystical powers but also has the Atlantean attributes, including super strength. His strength is considered super strength close to the level of Aquaman. In the comics, he has possession of hydrokinesis and was able to use his water sword to cleave through a street light.

5 Bumblebee - Weak

The 5 Most Important Members of Young Justice (& The 5 Most Useless)

Bumblebee is the DC Comics version of The Wasp. In the cartoon, Karen Beecher is a high school student who was classmates with Superboy and Miss Martian. In the comics, she was a scientist who was the girlfriend of the Herald (Guardian in the cartoon).

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Bumblee has no superpowers, nor does she have super strength. Her powers are all from her suit, which Atom helped her make. She can shrink herself, can fly, and can shoot stinger blasts. In the comics, she used to have additional strength with the suit on, but nothing near what other Young Justice members possess.

4 Blue Beetle - Strong

Yes, Jaime Reyes is just a regular teenage kid with a super-suit. However, that suit forms from the scarab that Reyes possesses and that makes this no standard super suit. This is armor around his body that can give Reyes several superhuman powers and abilities.

In the cartoon, he is strong enough with the suit to knock down someone as strong as Superboy. In the comics, it is considered "enhanced strength" but is still near the top of the line for members of Young Justice.

3 Static - Weak

Young Justice Static

Static is a teenager named Virgil Hawkins who was abducted by the Reach and became a member of Young Justice on the cartoon. He helped save the world with the team, but he left them eventually and joined the Outsiders instead.

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When it comes to the powers of Static, he controls electromagnetism and can magnetize objects. He can also shoot electricity from his hands and body, which is a handy power when fighting. His powers in the comics are similar, but he has no super strength and is no stronger than a fit teenager.

2 Miss Martian - Strong

The 5 Most Important Members of Young Justice (& The 5 Most Useless)

Miss Martian is the niece of Martian Manhunter, as well as his former protege. It was hard to measure her powers early on in Young Justice because she was so scared to use them to her full capacity. However, much like her uncle, she could change forms and use telepathy.

At the end of the day, Martian Manhunter is one of the few heroes in DC Comics who is not only super strong but arguably stronger than Superman. As a being with the same physiology, Miss Martian is also super strong. She can augment her strength using telekinesis, making her one of the strongest members of Young Justice.

1 Red Arrow- Weak

The 5 Most Important Members of Young Justice (& The 5 Most Useless)

Roy Harper was antagonistic from the start. He is the one who wanted to rebel against Green Arrow and the Justice League the move when they were not treated as equals. However, he also refused to work as part of Young Justice and went off on his own before finally rejoining them.

The problem is that he was not the real Roy Harper. He was a clone and a sleeper agent. He eventually went to help find the real Roy Harper, who had been kidnapped and was cryogenically frozen for eight years. Both the clone and the real Roy Harper only have above average human conditioning and no super strength.

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