Young Justice: 15 Members Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

Though they are no Justice League, the members of the covert team that stars in Young Justice are quite the formidable group. Trained by the finest crimefighters the world has on offer, the ever-evolving squad of young heroes continues to prove themselves in missions and away from the field. They are impressive as a team, especially when everyone is working together well and in sync. This not only contributes to the quality of the acclaimed series. It also greatly benefits the characters as individuals since they learn from each other, applying that know-how to combat situations when necessary. Taking this into account, their strengths and weakness as individuals are a significant facet of the team as a whole.

The following list will rank the most notable of Young Justice members from the weakest to the most powerful. Only official members of the team, past and present, are being taken into consideration. In addition, when ranking each character, only the powers and abilities they possess on the show are applicable. For the members who do not have superpowers, judgement will be focused primarily on their combat and/or intellectual prowess. Here are 15 members of Young Justice, ranked from the least powerful to the most formidable.


Mal Duncan as Guardian is an interesting asset to the team. Initially acting as director of the team’s mission control, Mal doesn’t spring into action because he’s recruited to fight crime. Rather, his involvement in the combat side of things rests on his own desire to help when the team is in need of assistance.

Without superpowers or formal training akin to the Robins or Artemis, Guardian essentially learns as he goes. Training from Black Canary and working closely with his fellow teammates are beneficial to Mal’s growth as a combatant. To go along with his hand-to-hand abilities, Guardian dons Jim Harper’s old suit and gold shield. No special gadgetry of note, such as a batarang or other weapons, aid him in combat. Therefore, while he’s certainly not powerful in the superhero sense, Mal is pretty impressive on his own merit.


Since she's born to the villains Sportsmaster and Huntress, it’s not difficult to see how Artemis would eventually develop a penchant for adventure. Luckily for the rest of the world, her intentions are typically of the noble variety. This is evident in her heroic actions, which are fueled by her proficiency as an archer and martial artist. However, her impressive skills do not begin and end there.

Extensive training from her father has Artemis in peak physical condition.

Moreover, she is an intellectual, fairly skilled in acrobatics and has reliable tactical and tracking abilities. To put it shortly, Artemis’ various talents make her an asset in nearly every situation she’s thrown into. Were it not for her being on a team filled with metahumans and aliens, the young archer would certainly make it higher on this list.


Akin to Artemis, were it not for Young Justice’s superpowered beings, Dick Grayson’s placing on this list wouldn’t be as low. Anyone trained by Batman is bound to be a threat to anyone that dares oppose them. As both Robin and Nightwing, Dick unquestionably embodies this notion.

In addition to the peak human condition one associates with a Bat-family member, the first Robin is an incredibly skilled acrobat, proficient martial artist, and a master tactician who’s adept in detective work. His impressiveness doesn’t stop there, either. Dick’s above-average intellect also gives him numerous advantages, as does his natural ability to lead. As team leader, he has to make difficult calls under pressure, while simultaneously contributing his skills to the mission at hand. Do these stats make him comparable to the likes of Miss Martian or Impulse? No. They ensure he’s the one such heroes defer to for guidance.


With the help of technology nestled within a belt she wears, Raquel Ervin/Rocket uses a range of kinetic powers to fight crime. Not having superpowers definitely lands her lower on this list. However, the character’s flight abilities and proficiency in deploying and managing kinetic energy should by no means be dismissed. In fact, Rocket’s’ mastering of her belt’s capabilities lands her a few impressive wins in the field.

One victory in particular sees her holding Wonder Woman in place, successfully entrapping the Amazon in a force field bubble.

Such strength does not solely come from her utility belt. Again, she must artfully manage the issuing of energy herself. While this doesn’t make her comparably powerful to some of her teammates, it shows she can handle her own against beings whose powers are typically considered insurmountable.


A character with advanced technology, which she develops with Ray Palmer/The Atom, Karen Beecher/Bumblebee wears a suit that gives her the ability to shrink on command. Besides her shrinking capabilities, the young hero can fly and fire blasts from her wrists using the suit’s technology. It’s incredibly impressive; the suit proves especially useful for reconnaissance and infiltration purposes. Even more admirable is the instrumental part Karen plays in the development of her suit and gadgets.

Her intelligence and ambition knows no bounds, making her addition to the team all the more significant. Also worthy of note is Karen’s sense of honor. This trait easily fits into her heroic arc, positioning Bumblebee as one of Young Justice’s more compelling characters, even if she isn’t the most powerful of the group.


As a metahuman, Virgil Hawkins’ superhero persona of Static automatically elevates him to one of Young Justice’s more formidable young heroes. The meta-gene gives Virgil electromagnetic abilities, which allows him to manipulate electricity in a variety of ways. Conducting electricity from his body, as well as discharging it, means Static can be quite creative in how he uses his powers.

With his abilities, he can emulate flying and magnetize objects, the latter skill is particularly fascinating as he learns to levitate things in mid-air.

In truth, the character likely still has a lot to learn about what he can and cannot do. After all, superpowers of any kind are never what they initially seem; the same can certainly be said of Static’s abilities. Over time, then, Static will probably become even more powerful.


The team’s second Atlantean recruit, La’gaan aka Lagoon Boy, debuts in Young Justice’s second season. Of course, he harbors the physical attributes befitting an Atlantean: breathing underwater, superhuman strength and durability, etc. La’gaan’s other abilities stem from his having learned basic techniques in sorcery at Queen Mera’s Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis. A speciality of La’gaan’s is inflation. This power allows him to enlarge his body and puff up in a manner resembling that of a puffer fish. While in this state, his strength and durability are also intensified.

Hydrokinesis is another ability garnered from La’gaan's teachings in sorcery. Out of this power he can generate constructs from water. Like others on this list, Lagoon Boy’s abilities are still relatively underdeveloped. Eventually, he will undoubtedly become one of the team’s more potent assets.


Not too dissimilar from Lagoon Boy, Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad's Atlantean physiology gives him a number of superhuman advantages, such as strength, durability, and the ability to breathe underwater. However, Aqualad bears unique qualities as well. Using Water-Bearers, Aqualad generates hard-water constructs that he manipulates into weapons.

Additionally, he can discharge water from the Water-Bearers to shoot the liquid like a projectile and he can be imposing in combat with his hand-to-hand prowess too.

These skills enable him to come out victorious in a battle against Superboy early in Young Justice’s sophomore season. Other especially admirable qualities belonging to Kaldur are leadership and intelligence. Admittedly, these latter two skills don’t add to his being a powerful character. However, they definitely contribute to Aqualad’s becoming a formidable foe to the team in season two.


Following a blood transfusion from Miss Martian that saves his life, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy begins exhibiting some of the Martian’s shape-shifting abilities. By transforming into an animal, Beast Boy adopts all of a creature’s attributes, which can include their speed, flight, and various other strengths. His animal-like abilities also extend to his own senses, making him an expert at tracking targets of his choosing.

Because Beast Boy can transform and adopt the qualities of myriad animals at will, his powers appear nearly unmatched. His strength and the abilities he can possess, though grounded in the natural world, are unparalleled to those of anyone else in Young Justice. But, still, the powers of Beast Boy's fellow teammates supersede his, particularly Miss Martian’s from which his abilities are derived.


The Scarab, the alien technology that powers Blue Beetle, is unlike anything in the DC Universe. Jaime Reyes takes on the mantle from the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, and develops into a compelling hero. Most intriguing is Jaime’s inner battles with the Scarab, which are drawn from the artificial intelligence within the alien tech advising him to partake in behavior that usually involves lethal force.

Jaime’s reluctance to use such force couldn’t be more warranted; the Scarab’s a powerhouse with regards to its vast capabilities.

Abilities like super strength and flight are to be expected. Blue Beetle’s ancillary powers include the ability to generate constructs, project energy blasts and transform. The suit can equip the wearer with tactical and stealth advantages as well, many of which Jaime effectively uses while on missions.


Born to a human and Zeus, Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl is akin to Wonder Woman power-wise. Her abilities include invulnerability, flight, super strength, and so on. Wonder Girl has a lasso of her own and bracelets capable of deflecting nearly any attack. In addition to her powers and gear, Wonder Girl never enters a hand-to-hand match unprepared as she’s an artful combatant. Her skill in this regard is thanks in large part to her tutelage under Wonder Woman.

As evidenced by her inclusion in the show, Cassie’s youth means she still has a lot to learn. She is not a hothead, per se; however, she’s known to enjoy a good fight more than most. This doesn’t make the character any less efficient, but her inexperience, often coupled with a lack of focus, reveals unfavorable weaknesses.


Because of her difficult to gauge magical prowess, Zatanna isn’t easy to place on this list. Truthfully, the magician’s positioning here may seem arbitrary. The powers she exhibits on Young Justice are nothing short of impressive. Thus far, she’s accomplished the following feats: wielding the Helm of Fate, summoning the power of the Egyptian goddess Isis, utilizing the psionic power of Despero against him. This list could go on for a reasonable length. Zatanna’s usage of basic abilities are also deserving of awe.

Flight, manipulating invisibility, levitation and a series of instances wherein she incites or stops major events (for example, storms and explosions) don’t begin to scratch the surface.

Without a doubt, her magical mastery can only improve from here. Perhaps she’ll one day, definitively, out-power her colleagues.


Since speedsters possess some of the DC Universe’s most potent abilities, they cannot help but be considered among those who bear incredible power. While Bart Allen’s Impulse, who later adopts the Kid Flash mantle, isn’t the Fastest Man Alive, his capabilities still position him as a distinguished asset of the team in Young Justice. Bart has all the powers befitting a speedster, and appears fairly well versed in their various applications.

Some of the remarkable abilities he employs include vibrating through objects and generating vortexes. What sets him apart from everyone else is his being a speedster from the distant future. On paper, this does not work to make Bart Allen any more powerful than his peers. But it means he has access to information beyond the understanding of present day characters.


Though he doesn’t possess all of Superman’s abilities, Conner/Superboy is nothing if not a force to be reckoned with. Powers of Superboy’s that are inferior to Superman include his heat vision and flight abilities. Be that as it may, being the genetic clone of a Kryptonian has a bevy of benefits. Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, super hearing and all super vision variations (such as infrared or microscopic) make Superboy a powerhouse at the very least.

Thanks to training under the teachings of Black Canary, Superboy also develops hand-to-hand combat abilities.

This establishes him as even more of a threat in combat situations, as he has skill to accompany the incredible brute strength. Inevitably, these strengths are paired with weaknesses suitable for a Kryptonian. Even so, Connor isn’t usually the one an enemy wants to be matched against.


Arguably, a case can be made that some heroes warrant a lower or higher ranking. Yet there exists no argument where M’gann/Miss Martian is concerned; she’s unequivocally the most powerful of Young Justice members. Among her wealth of powers are shape-shifting, camouflaging, phasing through objects, super strength, telekinesis, and telepathy.

Telekinesis and telepathy are where her Martian capabilities provide the most compelling case for Miss Martian being the superior of super beings. Through telekinesis she can fly and disturb objects with just a thought. Telepathy permits her to control, detect, psychically protect, and warp the minds of others. Furthermore, she utilizes telepathy to excise and implant memories and hurl mind blasts capable of inflicting physical harm. Even with a half-Kryptonian on the team, Miss Martian appears overpowered.

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