Young Justice Reveals Why [SPOILER] Is One of DC's Most Powerful Heroes

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice #10 by Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Nick Derington and Nick Bradshaw, on sale now.

There are lots of powerful arsenals in the DC Universe, many of which could be used to transform anyone into a powerhouse. This is the case in Young Justice #10 as a new stock of powerful gear is unleashed, transforming one of the members of Young Justice into potentially one of the most powerful figures in the entire DC Universe.

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Jinny Hex is the direct descendant of Jonah Hex, the infamous DC western antihero. As such, she's the inheritor of his trunk, which has remained a closed mystery for the earlier issues of Young Justice. Cornered by the dark Earth-3 counterparts of the team, Jinny is finally forced to open up the chest and reveal what's inside. It turns out that the trunk if full of mystical artifacts and weapons. Over the course of his illustrious life, Jonah Hex battled a host of threats over the years from around the world, across the time-stream and even across the universe. It turns out that in the Rebirth continuity, he actually kept many of the items he was forced to either use or contend with.

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The trunk has been passed down through Hex's family, as revealed in Young Justice #10. After a particularly hard day in which she seemed to find her girlfriend with another woman and ended up stopping a bank robbery, Jinny's mother reveals to Jinny that she's been in possession of the trunk this whole time. She never told her about it before, but ultimately gives to her, explaining that it is now hers to do with as she will. But suffering from telltale signs of sickness, she wants to make sure her daughter understands what is being given to her.

Inside the trunk is an assortment of laser guns, alien tools, magical artifacts and other strange devices. It even appears to contain one of the belts used by the Atom and the kind of blasters that are commonplace on worlds like Rann. Upon opening the box, Jinny uses one of the items in it, which seems to replicate her and allow her to end the battle with the evil version of Young Justice the team has been forced to battle with, and she pulls it off with a lot of ease.

There's no telling what else is in the trunk, making its potential huge: it may give Jinny an edge over pretty much anyone else in the DC Universe.

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