Young Justice: Jinny Hex May Be the DCU's Most Dangerous Teen

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Young Justice #6 by Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Young Justice is a superhero team filled with some of the most powerful teenagers in the DC Universe. Founding members like Superboy, Wonder Girl and Impulse have the same powers as their mentors, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, respectively. Even Tim Drake, the only one without powers, is a highly trained crimefighter and detective as the superhero Robin.

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In Brian Michael Bendis' Young Justice title, the new recruits flash some incredible power of their own. Amethyst is a warrior princess from the magical realm of Gemworld. Keli Quintela was able to hack into a Green Lantern ring to become the powerhouse known as Teen Lantern. But what about Jinny Hex? Right now she remains a mystery, but she may be the most dangerous of them all.

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What We Know About Jinny Hex

Introduced in Bendis and Nick Derington's Walmart-exclusive Batman story, Jinny Hex is the great-great-granddaughter of the western gunslinger Jonah Hex. Everyone knows who he is, but it's hard to get a read on his descendant. Few details have been revealed about her life, and from what we can glean so far, there's not a whole lot to tell either.

Jinny knows her way around a shotgun, but she possesses no superpowers of her own. It's even difficult to say what kind of fighting prowess she has. In the early goings of the new Young Justice title, she hasn't had a chance to do a whole lot yet. If we were to rank the team from strongest to weakest, Jinny would rank at the bottom, and still she may be a bigger danger than anyone realizes.

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What continues to make her an unknown is the very reason she was thrust into the spotlight to begin with. Following the death of her mother, Jinny inherited a big box of Jonah Hex's former belongings and brought it all to Metropolis. That's how she ended up on this adventure in the first place, and it's why she continues to be someone to watch. Whatever it is she has in her possession, Young Justice #6 hints that it could be more dangerous than we could imagine.

A Collection That Could Kill

Young Justice #6

The only thing we know for sure Jinny inherited from her ancestor are the ray guns she has been carrying around the last few issues. So far, we have no idea what the story is with that particular item, but it's likely a memento kept by Hex following his journey into the far future. If you're not particularly well versed in your Jonah Hex lore, you're forgiven: This took place in the 1985 series Hex.

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We don't know exactly what else she has, but the rest of Young Justice was awed by the sight of it all. When the trunk she keeps everything in is opened, we see their reactions to one-of-a-kind devices, mythological items and cosmic totems of power. The scene leaves a lot to the imagination regarding what could be in there.

It's easy to see their reactions and imagine what exactly they are referring to: "That's a real [Motherbox.]" It's "one of the [Scarabs of the Reach.] "I thought [the Spear of Destiny] was a myth." The item with the label Do Not Touch, could be Nth Metal or even a Black Lantern ring, for all we know. Hell, she could be carrying around one of the Infinity Stones. It wouldn't even be the first time Bendis made a reference to the Marvel Universe in this book.

The Most Dangerous Teen Alive

Whatever Jinny is keeping in that trunk, it's clear that she's basically sitting on a weapons cache of dangerous DCU artifacts. There's a reason she made a point to ask how they keep all this stuff from falling into the wrong hands. She is in possession of some very powerful and dangerous items, but what's worse is she has no means to secure any of it.

Imagine coming into a possession of a dangerous weapon you didn't ask for. Now imagine you have been handed an entire box filled with magical and cosmic artifacts that could do some serious damage by just bumping into them the wrong way. What would you do with this junk, and where would you take it? This is the situation Jinny Hex finds herself in now.

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Since she's had no trouble with the ray guns, it's worth wondering if there's anything else in there that she will try to use. Can Young Justice, and the heroes of the DCU, trust her to handle these items safely, or is this situation just a ticking time bomb of universal destruction? Unfortunately, we don't know enough about Jinny Hex to be confident that she can handle this responsibility. As is the nature of comics, though, we are likely to find out before too long.

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