Young Justice: Granny Goodness' Latest Plan Is the Series' Dumbest

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Unknown Factors," Episode 21 of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

Young Justice has been rocked by the rise of Apokolptian villains this season. We've gotten a stronger sense of Darkseid's presence as the hunt for the Anti-Life Equation rolls on, while Desaad has appeared on the Orphanage, dealing with the remaining metahuman kids that are missing. However, the lion's share of the limelight has gone to Granny Goodness as she infiltrates the masses of Earth through her Hollywood production studio and the sinister VR Goode Googles.

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Granny seems to be the woman with the plan because even though the League and Outsiders are now familiar with her being Darkseid's main general, they just can't do anything about it due to her public stature. She has a back-up plan for anything they throw at her, as seen when she has Nightwing and Black Lightning thrown into the X-Pit for trying to break into her home. However, while the latter in particular seems to be a foolproof security plan, it actually turns out to be one of the dumbest schemes ever concocted by the show.

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When Nightwing and Black Lightning go missing, Aquaman (Kaldur) and his boyfriend, Wyynde, come searching, politely asking Granny at her home to release their allies. She surprisingly agrees, despite being perfectly right to defend herself against the perpetrators, takes them to the Pit and we see the duo suspended in a literal sea of torture.

But the shocking thing is, the Mother Box they used to decipher Granny was housing weapons from Apokolips is right there next to them. Seeing the Box floating there is pretty weird because one would think Granny would co-opt it and convert it, what with it belonging to Dreamer of the Forever People and being strongly against her technology.

It seems like a mere oversight at first glance, but when Granny allows the duo to take their imprisoned friends away, she lets them take the Box too. When they re-enter her living room, she then asks for them to leave the Box as she has to destroy it for being a traitor to its fellow New Gods tech.

This is pretty stupid because she had it all the time and could have broken it way before Kaldur and Wyynde arrived. This thread is simply for plot convenience, to have a dispute and brawl break out and to illustrate that she did convert Nightwing and Black Lightning to her side temporarily as they square up against their friends.

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Honestly, it's forced drama and doesn't strike us as what a smart general would do, because this strategy also leaves the Box available for the heroes to take back should they prevail -- which they do as Halo, a rejuvenated Cyborg and some Outsiders arrive to save the day and rescue everyone from Granny's clutches.

What's even more dumb is Granny allowing Kal and Wyynde to enter her home to get their friends back in the first place. She could have done the same thing she did to the previous intruders by having the Pit swallow the Atlantean duo up but for whatever reason, she felt diplomacy at this point was the key when clearly, she'd have successfully proven herself as the victim of harassment.

Now, all she's done is shown her full hand to both heroic teams and painted her house as a target. They all know she's all about mental conditioning and brainwashing, which means her major plans have been exposed in the most nonchalant and careless of manners.

New episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders premiere Tuesdays throughout the summer on DC Universe.

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