Young Justice First Look Reunites Tim Drake, Conner Kent and Bart Allen

With the announcement that writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason will helm a new Young Justice comic for Bendis' Wonder Comics DC imprint, the publisher unveiled the first look at the team's trio of heroes that fans have clamored to see reunited: Tim Drake, Conner Kent and Bart Allen.

Gleason's artwork sees Robin, Superboy and Impulse together again, with all three teenage superheroes in the costumes that fans became accustomed to when Young Justice first launched in 1998. Notably, Tim's Robin suit only has one "R" emblem on the chest, possibly revealing he will ditch the Red Robin moniker and go by Robin, making him the second character to currently use the name, along with Bruce Wayne's son, Damian.

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A second piece of artwork from Gleason show off his character design sheets. Bart Allen, who made his Rebirth debut in The Flash #50 as a part of the title's "Flash War" story arc, has a red/orange addition to his armpit and shoulder areas; Conner Kent's familiar Superboy costume has him don his black leather jacket with a yellow utility belt strapped to his right leg, and patches found on his knees and the back of the jacket; finally, Tim Drake's Robin costume is very similar from his time as Batman's third Boy Wonder.

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Young Justice, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason, debuts January 2019 from DC Comics.

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