Young Justice Creators Tease Potential Season 4 and New DC Projects

Ahead of this weekend's mid-season finale for Young Justice: Outsiders, series showrunners Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman took to Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" session, where they dropped some interesting tidbits of information about the future of the DC Universe series.

For those wondering if the show will be returning for a fourth season, that's currently undecided by the higher ups at DC. "We'd love to keep making more seasons," they wrote in reply to one fan's question during the an AMA session. The pair added the #KeepBingingYJ hashtag to their reply, in reference to what became the rallying cry for the series when the series landed on Netflix.

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In that same reply, they suggested that a potential Young Justice Season 4 could feature a time jump, since those became signatures of the show in its second and third seasons. However, they stopped short of confirming anything and ended their statement by saying "No spoilers."

They also took the time to acknowledge that currently 19 of Outsiders' 26 episodes were fully finished, with the final seven in "various stages" of post-production.

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Beyond Outsiders, both men have a project at DC in the works apart from each other, though they weren't allowed to say what those projects were.

Previously, Vietti had worked on several DC animated films, including Batman: Under the Red Hood. Weisman, in addition to writing the comics for the Young Justice series, worked on Star Wars Rebels and The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere its four mid-season episodes tomorrow on DC Universe. The series will return in June 2019.

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