Young Justice: 10 Most Powerful Members From The Comics

Young Justice has become quite popular with mainstream fans, due to the animated series of the same name. but that series was actually based on Judd Winick and Todd Nauck's 1998 ongoing series that brought the (at the time) modern generation of teen heroes together.

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The team disappeared for a few years to be replaced with new iterations of the Teen Titans, though Brian Michael Bendis recently brought the original team back together under his Wonder Comic imprint. The new team featured a few new members, so it feels like a good time to try and figure out just who is the most powerful comic member of Young Justice. Here are some of the very strongest!

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The core members of the team - Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy (Conner Kent), and Impulse (Bart Allen) - first worked together in Todd Dezago and Nauck's Young Justice: The Secret fifth-week one-shot. The "GirlFrenzy" issue introduced a ghost girl who they named Secret, though she would later be revealed as Greta Hayes, who was murdered by her brother to become the villain Harm.

As the Secret, Greta had a few limitations due to her ghostly form, but she also gained a number of abilities, including being able to fly, phase-shift, teleport, shape-shift, and commune with the dead. She had so much potential that she was mentored by Hal Jordan (as the Spectre) and sought out by Darkseid, who was eventually responsible for returning Greta to her human form.


Anita Fite was the daughter of one of Young Justice's earliest team of villains, the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad. Anita was an accomplished fighter who was inspired to become a superhero after seeing Young Justice member Arrowette in action.

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She took the name Empress and had a portion of the Anti-Life Equation that allowed her to telepathically control and influence others. Empress was later part of the Shadowpact team that was assembled to summon the new Spectre during Infinite Crisis and help launch a new age of magic.


We don't know that much about Keli Quintela yet, besides her choice of the name Teen Lantern and the fact that she has managed to tap into the Green Lantern Corps power supply on OA. She was also able to mask her use of this power from the Guardians of the Universe, which is no easy task.

While it's likely she is operating at reduced power levels from the official members of the GLC, she has shown she is still capable of creating powerful energy constructs and is able to fly and protect herself with a forcefield. While more will surely be revealed about the Teen Lantern, what we've seen so far makes her a very powerful teenager.


Tim Drake is the third character to wear the Robin costume and arguably the best. He is also a founding member of Young Justice, and the team's leader. He has used his training under Batman and other martial artists, like Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghul, to become one of the best fighters in the DC Universe.

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The fact that he is only a human at the peak of his physical abilities keeps him from being higher on this list, but never keeps him from being a dominant force on his team against any threat they face. His own years of training coupled with an arsenal of bat-gadgets make him a very formidable foe, though fans are getting ready to say goodbye to his time as Robin as he adopts a new persona in Young Justice.


You've probably heard of Lobo, the guy with the gnarly space bike and unbeatable healing factor who recently hit live-action thanks to the now-canceled Krypton series. What you may not know is that Lobo was also a member of Young Justice... sort of.

During a period when Lobo had been reduced in age, he was blown apart, with his remains reforming into a bunch of L'il Lobos. When the Main Man was reformed, one errant clone remained. He joined Young Justice as Slobo and was almost as mean and strong as the original Lobo. Unfortunately, Slobo went the way of most clones and eventually deteriorated.


Cassie Sandsmark has had a few different origins, but the current version of Wonder Girl is a demi-god and the granddaughter of Zeus. This made her Wonder Woman's niece in the Rebirth continuity, which made their thematic connection a familial one as well, though much is still unknown about Cassie's true heritage or abilities in the new continuity.

As a demigod, Cassie has incredible strength and durability, as well as the power of flight. She has also wielded various mystically-enhanced weapons over the years, though her primary weapons are her enchanted bracelets and lasso, which is similar to Diana's, though it is able to channel Zeus' lightning instead of compelling the truth.


Amy Winston was a regular teenage girl when she first discovered that she was actually the Princess of Gemworld, who was taken to safety on Earth while her world was being taken over by Dark Opal. When she discovers her true heritage, she returns to Gemworld and attempts to overthrow her parent's murderer.

As Amethyst, she as a number of abilities that include flight and crystal-based spell-casting, as well as the ability to create hard-light energy constructs that she frequently forms into a sword and shield. While she received a bit of a power alteration in the New 52/Rebirth eras, she once magically held her own against the Spectre, which is no easy task.


Bart Allen is the speedster grandson of Barry Allen from the future. He was first introduced as Impulse in the pages of The Flash #92, where he began to work alongside Wally West/The Flash. He was also raised in the modern day by another Flash, Jay Garrick, and was tutored in the ways of speed by Max Mercury, who had a century of knowledge to impart to Bart.

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Bart would eventually leave the Impulse identity behind to become Kid Flash, and later the Flash, though, after the New 52 and Rebirth reboots, Bart has resumed the identity of Impulse. As a speedster, Bart has the typical speedster abilities, but he can also create Speed Force avatars and appears to be able to remember past continuities and have knowledge of other realities.


As specified earlier, we are discussing the Conner Kent version of Superboy, who first appeared during The Death and Return of Superman storyline. Conner is a clone created by Cadmus Labs using the DNA of Superman, and, unbeknownst to them, Lex Luthor.

As a clone of Superman, he shares many of his abilities at a reduced power level, due to his hybrid DNA. Nevertheless, even half of Superman's power is still enough to take on some of the strongest threats of the DC Universe. While Conner was basically erased from continuity by the New 52 and Rebirth, Bendis brought the character back to continuity in Wonder Comics' Young Justice series.


We know that The Ray is kind of a B-level hero and wasn't a member of Young Justice for that long, but he is one powerful character, full of untapped potential. Ray Terrill is the son of the original WWII hero the Ray, whose solar abilities were hidden from him until he was old enough to control them.

The Ray is basically a solar battery, able to use the energy to transform into a light form, project blasts of solar energy, and even manipulate light energy into solid constructs or use it to create illusions. He's also virtually invulnerable, as any damage done to his human form repairs itself when he transforms into his energy form.

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