Young Justice's Amethyst Lands Solo Series by Amy Reeder

Amethyst is about to be the princess of her very own title again. At New York Comic Con's Wonder Comic panel, DC Comics announced Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur's Amy Reeder will write and draw a new solo series for the character, spinning out of Young Justice.

According to the official synopsis,

Following the character’s triumphant reintroduction in the pages of Young Justice, the new Amethyst series follows teenager Amy Winston, a.k.a. Princess Amethyst, as she returns to her magical kingdom to find it in ruins, her subjects vanished, and none in the realm of Gemworld still loyal to her house. To solve this mystery, restore House Amethyst, and save her family, Amy must find new allies and confront dark secrets on a deadly quest to the farthest reaches of Gemworld.

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"I really wanted to do fantasy next... I just really wanted to have a place where there's no rules," Reeder explained at NYCC. "It's been amazing to work on. I believe it comes out in February. A six-issue miniseries. It's all about her in Gemworld. It's a lot of worldbuilding... psychedelic fever-dream stuff... they all ride their different animals... They're going to meet another friend too, who's of the water."

"So [Bendis] was describing her as Little Ms. Perfect," she recalled. "She's a well-meaning person who cares about doing the right thing... A lot of times, it's easy to take things at face-value," she said, pointing out that sometimes what we are told is right and wrong is not the case. "That's kind of the major theme for her, just kind of pummeling herself a bit... She's going to be among the people."

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Amy Reeder's Amethyst monthly comic series launches February 2020. A preview of the series appears below.

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