Young Justice #14 Cover Expands the Roster with Four New Teammates

Although Young Justice will see the new Wonder Comics hero Naomi join their ranks, that doesn't mean DC is done making additions to the team.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed the first look at artist John Timm's cover to March 2020's Young Justice #14 on his Instagram account, featuring the four young heroes Arrowette, Spoiler, Aqualad and Sideways.

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Bendis captioned the cover reveal with the message, "Exclusive! Young justice 14 cover by @theartofjohntimms @gabeeltaeb #dcwondercomics #wondercomics #youngjustice #yourewelcome."

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Arrowette, a former member of Young Justice, made her animated debut on DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders; Spoiler was a cast member of James Tynion IV's Detective Comics and has guest-starred in Young Justice flashback scenes with Tim Drake; Aqualad was a member of the Teen Titans during DC Rebirth and has joined Kelly Sue DeConnick's Aquaman; and Sideways was one of the new characters created for the "New Age of DC Heroes" publishing initiative.

While it is possible all four heroes won't join Young Justice on a full-time basis, we at least know they will star in issue #14.

The covers and solicitation for February 2020's Young Justice #13 can be found below.


  • art by JOHN TIMMS and MIKE GRELL
  • cover by JOHN TIMMS
  • variant cover by MIKE GRELL
  • Another Wonder Comics extravaganza kicks off with Young Justice searching for Conner Kent as the teen Superboy find himself trapped in the mysterious world of Skartaris, the home of legendary DC character Warlord! Wonder Comics curator and Young Justice writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes writer David F. Walker to the team alongside rising-star artist John Timms!
  • ON SALE 02.05.20
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | DC
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
  • Please see the order form for details.

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