Young Justice Heads to a Long Forgotten Corner of the DC Universe

Brian Michael Bendis' relaunch of Young Justice as part of the Wonder Comics publishing imprint has revived many forgotten parts of the DC Universe, with a new fantasy world being explored next year: Skartaris!

The DCU's own land that time forgot and home of the mythical hero Warlord will be the setting for the young team's next adventure, with Warlord creator Mike Grell returning to collaborate with series illustrator John Timms on the comic's art. The advance solicitation information for the issue, standard cover illustrated by Timms and variant cover illustrated by Grell are below.

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  • art by JOHN TIMMS and MIKE GRELL
  • cover by JOHN TIMMS
  • variant cover by MIKE GRELL
  • Another Wonder Comics extravaganza kicks off with Young Justice searching for Conner Kent as the teen Superboy find himself trapped in the mysterious world of Skartaris, the home of legendary DC character Warlord! Wonder Comics curator and Young Justice writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes writer David F. Walker to the team alongside rising-star artist John Timms!
  • ON SALE 02.05.20
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | DC
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
  • Please see the order form for details.

Created by Grell in 1975, Skartaris was an underground world existing below the Earth's crust, discovered by fighter pilot Travis Morgan. Trapped in the fantasy world, Morgan took on the mantle of Warlord, defending the mythical realm before his son Joshua eventually replaced him. With Superboy trapped in Skartaris, the kingdom's longtime defender is sure to make an appearance for an epic team-up.

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Young Justice #13 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and illustrated by John Timms and Mike Grell. It is scheduled to go on sale Feb. 5 from DC Comics.

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