Young comments on squabbling over Marvel retailer conference, previews 'Sky Ape'

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In recent days details have come out about a planned Marvel Comics backed retailer conference to be held October 1st in New York City in place of the planned Diamond Comics retailer conference that was to be held last weekend in Bethesda, but canceled due to recent national events.

Since word came out regarding this new conference some publishers have been notably critical of Marvel's choice to hold a new conference, finding the timing and or location inappropriate. In a release issued Monday CrossGen called the conference "hastily-planned" and publisher Mark Alessi commented, "We just don't agree that a thrown-together conference with minimal attendance - that might draw New York-based retailers who simply need to focus on keeping their doors open - is a wise move"

Today AiT/Planet Lar president and CBR Columnist Larry Young shared his comments on the recent squabbling between publishers in a release issued to promote his companies latest offering, "Sky Ape: Waiting for Crime."

"Of course you've heard of the internecine conflicts of some of the New York comic book publishers, and the back-and-forth about the relative propriety of business-as-usual in the face of the terrorist attacks two weeks ago. While this tragic, historic turning point has altered the way Americans view themselves and the world, one thing stands out in bold relief to me; arguing about comic books is just stupid. Companies will do whatever they think is right," said Young in the release. "In that vein, I have always been one who thinks that the need to laugh in difficult times is important, although to be funny right now is weird, for obvious reasons. Weird times calls for weird humor, and that's where SKY APE comes in."

AiT/Planet Lar publisher Mimi Rosenheim echoed Young's comments.

"AiT/Planet Lar has no intention of getting involved with the petty squabbles Marvel and DC and others seem to be involved in right now," said Rosenheim. "We're providing quality comic books.That's it. In November, we have one that might help take the edge off, dull your pain, distract you for a while. It's about a talking gorilla with a jetpack, who's set aside his crime-fighting ways and become a certified public accountant. Of course, events transpire to make him realize what he values most in his life, and he returns to adventure. While on one level an entertaining tale, I think that also has a message for those of us who love the art form."

Young also provided CBR News with a five page preview of "Sky Ape: Waiting for Crime" which will hit stores November 14th.

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