Young Brings Marvel Babies to Marvel NOW! Variants

Marvel Comics has had a busy weekend so far at Fan Expo. With a number of different panels and yesterday's announcement that Jason Latour will be taking over for Ed Brubaker on "Winter Soldier," the publisher has given fans a lot to be excited about. Outside of Fan Expo, Bleeding Cool has gotten its hands on new Skottie Young Baby variant covers for most Marvel NOW! debut issues. The covers were revealed by Marvel on the Diamond Retailer Website in GabrielNOW!, a new column for retailers by Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel.

Young's variants follow in the same vein as his wildly successful "Avengers vs. X-Men" #1 variant cover for Midtown Comics -- so successful that the concept will be turned into an entire comic with "A-Babies Vs. X-Babies" by Young and art team Guruhiru in October. Young's covers give a baby-cized look at most of the upcoming Marvel NOW! launching books, including "Uncanny Avengers," "A Plus X," "All-New X-Men," "Fantastic Four," "Indestructible Hulk," "Iron Man," "Thor: God of Thunder" and "Deadpool." Oddly, a "Captain America" baby variant is nowhere to be seen.

Check out Young's incredibly cute variants below and stay tuned for more news on Marvel NOW!

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