The 5 Most Powerful Young Avengers (& The 5 Weakest)

When the Young Avengers formed, their original intent was to create a team that was just like The Avengers, but... well, younger. They even took on personas similar to their counterparts. Patriot took on the role of Captain America, Iron Lad as a young Iron Man, and Hulkling made himself look like a version of Hulk.

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However, as the team progressed, they developed an identity of their own. Iron Lad and Patriot left, and new members like Miss America and Kid Loki joined the group. They went from being an Avengers-knockoff into one of the most interesting teams in Marvel Comics. Here is a look at the five most powerful Young Avengers, and the five weakest.

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Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked
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Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

America Chavez joined the Young Avengers in the second volume of their comic book series. She arrived when she was keeping a close eye on Kid Loki, and despite her reluctance to trust others, became a loyal team-mate and trusted ally.

She is also one of the most powerful members of Young Justice. America is not from our Earth, but one of her powers allows her to create star portals and move between worlds in the Multiverse. However, she also has super strength, is invulnerable and can use energy infusion to increase her already immense powers.


There really are no truly weak members of the Young Avengers, outside of Prodigy. He was one of the last members to join the Young Avengers, and is a mutant. His powers make him worthless when it comes to a fight — unless he is helping someone else.

Yes, when the Young Avengers first started focusing on Prodigy, he worked at a call center where superheroes called him if they needed help figuring out how to beat a villain. He knows just about everything about everyone and is a valuable ally, but when it comes to powers, Prodigy ranks at the bottom of the list of the Young Avengers.


Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

Kid Loki is one of the most powerful members of the team and was only held back because of his age. See, Kid Loki is the real Loki, resurrected after his death as a child. Since he was a child, his powers were limited, and he often needed to sleep after pushing himself too far.

Despite this, he was still a very powerful magic user and could do anything that his adult self could do, but on a smaller level. With that said, a lower-powered Loki is still more powerful than most Earth-based superheroes.


Speed is one of the twins that ended up being the reincarnation of Scarlet Witch's lost sons. While Wiccan had similar powers to his mother, Speed possessed the powers of Wanda's brother Quicksilver — super speed. Also, as the son of Wanda and grandson of Magneto, Speed is a mutant.

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It isn't that Speed isn't powerful, because he is. Compared to the other members of the team, though, he ranks on the lower end of the power scale. He can run fast, reaching Mach 4, and has superhuman strength and durability. He just doesn't have the power level of his team-mates.


Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Comics world. She is so powerful that many heroes fear her, and for a good reason. She has changed reality more than once. Wiccan is one of her two resurrected twins, and he gained her powers.

Wiccan is also someone that people fear, because he has a destiny in front of him. Wiccan is supposed to one day become the Demiurge, a being that is omnipotent and has the power to destroy all life as we know it. That makes him the most formidable member of the Young Avengers.


Patriot was an interesting team member. You see, in Marvel Comics, there was a super-soldier before Steve Rogers. That man was Isaiah Bradley, and Patriot is his grandson, Eli Bradley. However, the first volume of Young Avengers showed that he was a fraud the entire time.

Eli wanted to be a hero so badly that he was taking MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) to give him powers. He then lied and said he inherited his powers from a blood transfusion from his grandfather. He eventually needed a blood transfusion, and his grandfather gave it to him, giving him powers, but not on the level of the other members.


Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

Hulkling's father was the Kree legend Mar-Vell, and his mother was a Skrull princess. With both Mar-Vell's bloodline and the immense powers that entailed combined with the shapeshifting powers of Skrulls, Hulkling is very powerful indeed.

He shapeshifted into a form that resembled a Hulk-type figure to add to the idea of an Avengers team, and maintained that. He has superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. He also has a regenerative healing factor, can grow wings and fly and can use his shapeshifting to change his body to protect himself in an instant.


Kate Bishop is arguably one of the most important members of the Young Avengers and is capable of serving as their leader when needed. She is a master archer who became even better after meeting Clint Barton and training with him later in her superhero career.

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The problem is that she is arguably the least powerful member of the entire Young Avengers team. She has absolutely no powers and her only skills are her prowess with things like her bow and arrow and the use of other projectiles. She is not up to the level of Clint Barton, so while she is a valuable team member, it is not due to her power levels.


Iron Lad is extremely powerful for one big reason — he is the future Kang the Conqueror. The entire goal for Nathaniel Richards was to go back and try to keep his future self from finding him. He also wanted to discover a way to avoid the future he was predestined to live. However, fate has a way of catching up.

Iron Lad ended up leaving to try to find other ways to stop his fate, and over time, it was discovered that he failed. The future has not played out. However, one day Iron Lad will become Kid Immortus and then Kang the Conqueror, one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe.


Stature is the codename for Scott Lang's daughter Cassie Lang. She spent her childhood in a split-custody situation with her mom and dad, living at times in Avengers Mansion when she was with her father. While there, with no-one any the wiser, she kept stealing and infecting herself with Pym Particles.

By the time she chose to flee and join The Runaways, she found Kate Bishop. Cassie learned that she could shrink and grow at will due to her prolonged exposure. She was strong, but she also later became the one member of the Young Avengers to die in battle.

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