10 Young Marvel Heroes We’d Love To See Join The Young Avengers

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The Young Avengers have had a couple of different incarnations over the years. They group together some of Marvel's most heroic teenagers, creating a team that is perhaps just as formidable as some of the main Avenger units.

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There's lots of speculation that the Young Avengers could be making their way to the MCU, but the version in the comics is still somewhat young compared to the main team. There are so many other heroes that could join their ranks in the future and so we're taking a look at 10 young Marvel heroes we'd love to see join the Young Avengers.


Avengers Academy introduced us to this radioactive hero and her history has been pretty tragic ever since. The character has been forced to wear a hazmat suit for some time due to the radioactivity of her skin. Despite this, she still fights for what's right.

During her time at the academy, she fell in love with Mettle, another pupil, who was later killed when both he and Hazmat were abducted by Arcade. Despite all her trauma she continues to maintain a level of heroism unseen in many others her age. She would be both a complex yet perfect fit for the team.


Butterball has been mocked throughout his life. Whether it's his weight, his powers or perhaps his general personality, he's often the butt of a joke. It doesn't help that his seemingly homemade costume certainly doesn't do him any favors.

Butterball has the heart of a hero, though, and he's fought for good on many occasions. Whether it's his stint with the mutants of the Marvel universe, or his time in the Initiative, he continues to be an upstanding force for the light. His invulnerability means he's actually really useful to have around.


Cloud 9 is another hero that we saw mostly during the Initiative era. She has an optimism and a curiosity that makes her a fitting member of the team, as she can be the one that constantly questions decisions but ultimately gives some great morale boosts.

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She has gone through quite the transformation over the years but her powers have remained the same, with her flight becoming the key to her heroic abilities and ultimately her survival. She's a little damaged like everyone else on the team but it's about time this unique hero made a comeback.


Miles Morales is incredibly popular at the moment and worthy of a spot on the main Avengers. However, it could be really great to see him as part of the younger team, both learning from his peers and teaching them a little based on his vast experiences already.

The character of Spider-Man is always at its best when the person behind the mask is a teenager struggling with real issues. By putting the young hero amongst others of his age, it opens up the door for conflicts that you may not see alongside older heroes. It could present a completely different side to miles.


One of the children of Sue Storm and Reed Richards is Valeria, currently going by the name of Brainstorm. Valeria is a complicated child with an absolutely huge mind. She may, in fact, be one of the most intelligent humans on the planet.

Her big brain would certainly be useful for the Young Avengers but she'd also be a little younger than some of the other members. While she'd be the most intelligent and therefore powerful, person on the team therefore she would also be the most babied which would set her up for some interesting situations.


Franklin Richards, the brother of Brainstorm, also goes by the name of Powerhouse. He is perhaps even more powerful than is sister being claimed to be an Omega Level mutant. He has abilities that are yet to be truly explored but could be godlike.

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A hero such as this would be indispensable to the Young Avengers. It would allow them to take on much greater threats, although their enemies would take them even less seriously with a child on the team. Adding Franklin Richards to the Young Avengers would be a great twist and change the dynamic of the comic.


Hellion is a mutant with some remarkable abilities. He has been with the Xavier Institute for some time now, learning how to harness his powers and use them for good. He's proven he's a capable hero on many occasions and has powers from hand blasts to flight.

A mutant with his capabilities would be a very useful addition to the team. Because he has had some training, there may be lessons that he's learned from the professors at the institute that he could pass on to his fellow Young Avengers. His quirky personality would also be an interesting fit for the team.


The Young Avengers don't often have a cosmic element on their team, but Groot could be a great addition that could provide something unique. Teenager Groot has already been seen in the movies, but a teenage Groot as part of the Young Avengers would be excellent.

Although no one on the team would be able to understand him, they would have a caring relationship with the tree-like alien. He has actually had more experience than anyone else that would be on the team and has some really powerful abilities. His rogue nature might make him a bit troublesome though.


Sister Grimm is more commonly known as Nico, the leader of the Runaways. The witch of the group is no stranger to bizarre villains and complicated relationships amongst a team. She's one of the most significant and powerful members of the Runaways and would be great as a part of the Young Avengers.

Some interesting conflict might arise if she is no longer the leader of the team. Being in charge comes with a certain amount of power and if she is back to square one again she may not be too happy. Wiccan would be an interesting person to help work with Sister Grimm.


Ms Marvel is about to get her own Disney Plus series but that doesn't mean she can't join the Young Avengers in the MCU or in the comics. She's already a part of the Champions but her abilities and personality would allow her to mesh right in with the other Avengers.

She is certainly a popular enough character and a powerful enough superhero to be worthy of an Avengers member card. She'd also be really great working in a team once again as she has a lot of experience with this already. The much-loved hero perhaps should have been on the team in the first place!

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