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Loki in Young Avengers

With the Young Avengers on their way to the big screen, there's no doubt that more casual fans will soon learn about all the great characters from the Marvel teen superhero line. But just how well do even the biggest Young Avengers fans know the characters? We're pretty huge Young Avengers fans ourselves, so as a little thought experiment, we thought we'd break down the characters by their Myers-Briggs® personality types. Let us know what you think of our list of the Young Avengers by Myers-Briggs® personality types in the comment section below!

10 Prodigy - ISTJ

Prodigy Young Avengers Jamie McKelvie

Prodigy's powers grant him the ability to absorb knowledge from those around him. As a result, he is constantly learning, taking in new information, and figuring out how to use it. Though ISTJs don't have Prodigy's abilities, they treat information the same way. They are scientific in nature, constantly analyzing the world around them and organizing the information. Like other ISTJs, Prodigy can distance himself from the emotion of a situation to look at it realistically. That's a great quality for a hero, and Prodigy himself was a brilliant addition to the Young Avengers lineup.

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9 Patriot - ENFJ


ENFJs are leaders, so the Young Avengers' version of Captain America is an obvious choice for this slot. What makes Patriot such a natural leader is the confidence and charm he exhibits, both common traits of your average ENFJ. Like many leaders, Patriot can be a little too reliant on his own abilities, even when he knows he's not the smartest person in the room. Still, Patriot has a true-ENFJ ability to empathize with others, to want to watch them grow and prosper. Thus, he is always considering what's best for his loved ones and the people he's always trying to save. Even when Patriot is making a mistake, his heart's in the right place.

8 Speed - ENTP

As you can tell from his name, Speed is a pretty quick person. Of course, we're talking about his Flash-like superpower, but the same is also true of his personality. Speed has been through a lot in his life, which means bouncing from situation comes naturally to him. That's a key quality of ENTPs. Where most people would get whiplash from going from relationship to relationship, responsibility to responsibility, they are comfortable with the quick changes. Also like other ENTPs, Speed can be sensitive to insult and quick to anger. In other words, he's not a person to mess with. In general, it's never a good idea to piss off a superpowered person. But pissing off a person who can kill before the apology even forms in your mind is an extra bad idea.

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7 Hulkling - ISFJ

Hulkling Jim Cheung

Hulkling's family life has always been complicated. As a result, he is extraordinarily loyal to those he loves. ISFJs like Hulkling place a lot of importance in cohesive units. Whether that's a family, a team, or something in between like the Young Avengers, it is paramount to ISFJs that those units are in harmony. As such, Hulkling acts as an emotional heart to the Young Avengers, quietly inspiring and uniting the members with his actions. When he goes missing in one storyline, the whole team makes it their mission to rescue him. This speaks to the impact Hulkling has made on the team. He's shown them so much love that, when he needs some, they have no choice but to return it.

6 Loki - INTP

The Loki that shows up in Young Avengers isn't exactly the one we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a young, reincarnated version of the character, fresh out of the "Journey into Mystery" storyline. However, there are some qualities Kid Loki has kept from his older self. He's a master manipulator and schemer, capable of coming up with long-term plans that involve many moving parts. INTPs are the same way, which can either make them great team organizers or really difficult adversaries. The Loki that appears in Young Avengers is a little bit of both.

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5 America Chavez - ENFP

When looking for someone to fill the most independent personality type, you could make a worse choice than the person whose name is literally America. America Chavez is someone that does what she believes is right, whatever the world around her says. She's a take-no-crap badass who is one-hundred percent true to herself. But that's not to say America is misanthropic. She finds deep meaning in her friendships on the team and in the ideals that they exemplify. America is kind of like the Han Solo of the group. She is loyal, courageous, and willing to make sacrifices. She just doesn't take orders very well.

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4 Wiccan - ISFP

Wiccan Asgardian

The young hero called Wiccan is shockingly practical for someone with the ability to control magic. When he does something to upset his partner, Hulkling, Wiccan goes to some extremes to try to make him happy again. This leads to some serious consequences, but its Wiccan's practicality that actually gets them out of that situation. ISFPs are all about practicality. They aren't extraverts, but they do really value the people close to them, and they do whatever they can to support them. Wiccan's smart, empathetic nature makes him a great friend, and a great teammate to the Young Avengers.

3 Marvel Boy - ESTJ

marvel boy

Usually, you can spot an ESTJ in a story by looking for a soldier. ESTJs have a clear-cut way of looking at the world. They make great warriors because they are committed to their worldviews and aggressive about achieving their goals. This is definitely the case for Kree hero Noh-Varr. Marvel Boy, as he also calls himself, is a character that gets the job done. He is committed to using and enhancing his skills in service of a mission, specifically the mission of defending the earth from alien threats. Marvel Boy also really appreciates being on a team, true to his extrovert nature. He doesn't always show it, but Noh-Varr is proud of being a Young Avenger.

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2 Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) - ESTP

ESTPs are defined by their specialties. They spend years of their lives developing a particular skill or set of skills. Of course, the Young Avengers resident archer takes this spot. Not only does her skill as Hawkeye qualify her as an ESTP, but she also shares their methods of working on a team. ESTPs like to be in the forefront of a team if not the outright leader, and can clash with other leaders in the group. Kate clashes with Patriot several times in the comics, as two leadership personality types are bound to. Still, Kate and Patriot are both also empathetic personality types. At the end of the day, they'll put everyone's best interests ahead of their pride.

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1 Iron Lad - ISTP

Iron Lad

ISTPs have the best qualities of scientist personality types combined with leadership personality types. This makes him a great ally to the Young Avengers team, however, it eventually makes him a powerful enemy. Iron Lad eventually becomes the Marvel big bad Kang the Conqueror, and though his morality changes, his useful traits as an ISTP remain the same. He is autonomous but appreciates his immediate confidants. He is action-oriented when he decides on a goal. Finally, Iron Lad/Kang is deeply logical in every situation, always letting his brilliant mind guide his heart. Because of these ISTP traits, the boy who would become Kang is a useful friend, a horrifying enemy, and an ultimately tragic character.

Who's your favorite Young Avenger and which Myers-Briggs® personality type do you think they'd get? Do you disagree with any of the ones we've listed here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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